Hong Kong

Marriott ‘The Split Sponsorship’ (2020) 2:00 (Hong Kong)

Congratulations to Ogilvy Digital in Hong Kong, who won an APAC Effie Gold with this clever campaign that played both sides. 

Marriott Bonvoy tackles the Hong Kong Sevens

A new campaign by Ogilvy kicks-off celebrations for the brand with a double dose of rugby legend Sébastien Chabal

KFC - Finger Licking Good (2016) :90 (Hong Kong)

7-11 - Miniature Rice Cooker - (Hong Kong / China)

Coke creates iconic "hands" image as a new twist on classic ribbon, Hong Kong

Jonathan Mak Long created a tribute to Steve Jobs that went viral, which landed him the gig of creating another iconic image for Cooke.

Penguin Books - World of your own - print, Hong Kong

Olympus - Dream - (2009) :30 (Hong Kong)


ENO - Buffet - print, China

Adidas - Together as one / Parade - Guerrilla, China


HSBC A5N Rugby - Whistle - (2008) :30 (Hong Kong)

HSBC A5N Rugby - A true gentleman - print, Hong Kong


Cutting edge advertising - excerpt.

As a cutting edge communicator, you need to know what is happening. You need to understand the changes.

HSBC - Brides for brothers (2001) 0:60 (UK, Hong Kong)

Marlboro - CNY - (1995) 0:90 (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong Tourism - Dreams - (1995) 0:60 (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong Bank - Water - (1995) 0:90 (Hong Kong)

Metro Takes Hong Kong

Boys and Girls and agrunts who come here for the mega Adland rumor mill - this will impress your collegues at the watercooler, having the finger on th

"Leaded Petrol causes Brain Damage" print, 1993

"Which may explain why some people are still using it"
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