Pleasure and Pain for Sensodyne

A bit of a different sadomasochistic take on a toothpaste concept from creatives at GreyHome in Portugal.

S&M masks!

Art Diretor: Tico Moraes
Copywirter: Luisa Carvalho, Frederico Saldanha
Creative Director: Frederico Saldanha
Photographer: Gonçalo de Almeida
Agency: GreyHome Portugal

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AnonymousCoward's picture

"pleasure" and "pain", bold idea!
but I don't understand completely, and question the ad effect.

andromeda's picture

OK idea, at least it's very different from the usual in that category. Sham ethey didn't furnish the AD with a bigger budget, the polyester/lycra crap really brings down the look of it all, it should have been pure leather&latex. The photographer could have spent some time photoshopping that and not just the cleavage of the lady (which looks awful).

FrogHouse's picture

I believe this add is suppose to show Lycra Fetish in a BDSM form so others may accept the over all image.
But then again Im not sure!

RLDavies's picture

I think they're hilarious. Would probably go over well here in the UK. They're certainly a heck of a lot better than the current boring "true-life interview" ads Sensodyne are running on TV now. ("I couldn't eat ice cream... now I can." Bleah.)

Dabitch's picture

Yep, they should have just been executed better. The styling is terrible, as previously mentioned.

alex's picture

I'd have preferred to see fat, middle-aged, badly dressed people like you get in real fetish clubs (I'm told).

RLDavies's picture

Hey, I resemble that remark.

(My glasses are also still broken, so I can't see the details of the material. I do agree the woman's cleavage looks like a builder's backside.)

TDD's picture

I broke my glasses on July 31th. Placed them on my (running) motorcycle while I put on my full face helmet. My eye glasses ended up on the ground without me knowing it, and I stepped on them. I am extremely nearsighted, and I had to wait until August 13th before my new glasses were ready. I found out the hard way the advertised "one hour service" for new eye glasses doesn't apply to me. It was a very strange world. I even thought up an ad, but I found someone had already done it. Not as nearly well as my idea, but still they had done it. Not being able to see or ride made my chronic depression even worse. But now I have new glasses, I'm back in the saddle, and I can see all the non-photoshopped cleavage I was missing. But I'm still chronically depressed. You can't have it all.

Dabitch's picture

The photoshop-fool might have drawn that line with a ruler it's that bad.

TDD's picture

I would have used those people who ride without proper motorcycle gear as those who are into pain. The ones who ride with shorts, t-shirts, and even mini skirts on. You hit the hard asphalt ground wearing that, and well, you'll probably feel more pain than you might like as you slide along. Ground beef in seconds. Hell, even getting struck by a bug can hurt! But wear whatever you want. I wear leather when I ride because liking pain isn't my kink. I enjoy the ride, not the slide. I got to go. My motorcycle is calling me.

Dabitch's picture

Even jeans pulverize if you fall off at higher speeds - and the scars are horrible. Anything that isn't bike-leather is pushing it. *puts on helmet and goes out for a spin*

TDD's picture

Yep, jeans are good, but not as good as leather, or the high-tech stuff on the market today.

The other week while riding, I rode near a young woman on a limited speed motorcycle (Scooter). She was wearing a standard helmet, a white short-sleeve shirt, a very short white skirt, and leopard-print panties.

Dabitch's picture

Hahaha. That sounds like me.

TDD's picture

With hazards like that on the road, I'd feel safest in a suit of armour....