Cowboy Hootie sings for Burger King BK


Cowboy Hootie sings for Burger King BK


The lastest from Crispin Porter + Bogusky for Burger King is this strange commercial for their Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch sandwich. It is like an Old Navy ad on acid with some Playboy/Penthouse thrown in for good measure, somewhat typical of David LaChapelle's work.

(Adgrunts, click to see the ad)

One of the stranger things about this ad is the number of B-list celebrities. The ad stars Darius Rucker (a.k.a Hootie), the lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish, fitted out in cowboy gear, singing new lyrics to the tune of "Big Rock Candy Mountain", an old bluegrass song.

Past CP+B ads for Burger King with their Office theme feature E!'s "Talk Soup" hostJoel McHale, which is maybe how/why they got former "Wild On" and current "Rank" host Brooke Burke to appear in this spot. Along with The King and the now famous Tendercrisp Chicken, the ad aslo had appereances by FHM's Vida Guerra and three Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders (One who is Monica Cravinas- I couldn't figure out the other two as they look like too many of the other members of the squad to know for certain who is who.) Another person on a blog commented that they think the blonde near the tree at the beginning of the spot is Jenna Jameson. But we're not stating that as fact, even though it does look like her. The cowboy in the first part of the spot is also a male model I know I've seen in other print ads.

If you can spot more, please post them in the comments.

Overall, I'm not sure what I think of this spot. It definitely makes you stop and watch. But I'm not sure if it's in the vein of lookie-loos driving by traffic accidents, or if it's because it's good.

One thing is for certain, no one would ever confuse this spot with an ad for McDonalds, Wendy's or other fast foot joint. The art direction is definitely good. And the hat tip to "The Wizard of Oz" is nice with the black and white transition to Technicolor and the yellow brick road reference with the cheddar. But it's all just so strange. Why the B-list celebrities? Why not do what they did with the Bacon Cheddar Ranch sandwich and use the Office theme? I think I'm going to need a bit before I can decide if I like or hate this ad.

On the web the general consensious is shock and "OMG". Quite a few of the blog posts on this commercial use the title "Hootie has fallen" or some variation of that theme. Even fans of Darius aren't liking the spot.

What do you think about it?


When I first saw this ad I remember thinking, "What the HELL was that?" Now I've joined the OMG crowd, partly because I'm still shocked every time I see it, and partly because I'm fascinated with it.

The art direction is awesome of course, but I'm planted firmly in the "what the hell was that?" corner. I might be missing some pop cultural injokes since I don't recognize anyone but... Yeah.. I don't quite get it. Awesome art direction, it hypnotises me. Maybe that's the whole point?

i totally dig it, and the fact that the hootie fans are outraged only makes me happier...
i really wonder where the interactive version is ... and if it isn't built yet, i want to help!

Love the spot. Awesome art direction. CP+B is taking the fast food category into a whole new direction.

Hardly Cannes caliber, this.

But I'll give CP+B kudos simply for selling this bizarre pastiche of pop culture blather...

the chicks with the buckets of ranch sauce.. is that just a double of the emily broad from the dixie chickens?

Look about 3/4ths the way through the spot.

The cowboy on the right grows a french-fry weiner.

And now, on second thought, are those cheerleaders supposed to be from Debbie Does Dallas?

The tune for the ad is Harry McClintock's "Big Rock Candy Mountain" - it was a popular song during the American Great Depression, and so as a consequence I can't help thinking about out-of-work, desperate people dreaming vainly of having enough to eat...

Meanwhile, on my television, Gap-commercial rejects prance around with great big sandwiches.

I just can't handle this kind of irony in advertising!!!

What the hell about this ad says "pop culture?"

Last time I checked, pop culture wanted nothing to do with a black guy country singer on a surreal farm full of hot ladies licking sauce from a bucket.

This is a happy dream, extremely well executed. I hope heaven is half as cool as this.

Yea, who's up for a BK Boner??...

When I first saw this commercial I just laughed. It's so strange that you can't help watching it.

Now whenever it comes on I watch for the details, truly, I love this ad.
I love it so much I bought a bacon cheddar ranch burger.


Oh my. I am so mesmerized by this ad! I actually wanted to go out and buy a tender crisp bacon cheddar ranch. And I did. And I asked for it just like that. I effing love it. I have even memorized the jingle.

Wickedly Good Commercial. It has done what a brilliant commercial should... has everyone talking about it. Whether you love it or you hate it, you know that it is Burger King and know that they are advertising the Tendercrisp Chicken Bacon Cheddar Ranch. The innuendo throughout is hilarious, and they have several versions of the commercial airing leaving you wonder which one you will see this time.

I could be very wrong but I almost thought that the girl sitting ont he ground paving the street with blocks of cheese looked alot like U.S. Figure Skater Kristi Yamaguchi. Does anyone else know if it is or now? Also I am trying to figure out who are the 2 ladies on the railroad cart thing. I kinda thought the commercial was dorkiy over all, but yet strangely addictive trying to figure out who all the stars are that are in it.

have we forgotten that the number one job of any ad is to sell product? i would really like to see the results from this particular spot... in my experience, the 3 keys to selling food are flavor, customer experience and value. this spot speaks to NONE of them

and whats all this about the art direction? is see absolutely noting redeeming about this ridiculous piece of trash - other than it will just send darius' validity further into the dumper!

cheers - wG

and this "'s gotten everyone talking..." thing is the biggest pile of rubbish - that may or may not have worked in the 80's but i really dont buy that approach anymore. (unless -like old navy, or the gap, your client ALREADY has locations on every corner of every street in the nation)

people talked the hell outta the spots but they are now out of business and id challenge anyone NOT in our industry to remember the NAME of the company that used the "cat-hearding" spot a couple years back.

it seem to me that about 70% of the ad biz has forgotton that their job is to move product - not awe and amuse their peers.

Dude, settle down and take notes. I look at about everything CP+B is doing as a free ad class. BK has been in the black, like 12 months in a row. People who would never, ever eat at that crap-ass hole (like me) are now mysteriously finding themselves ordering Spicy Tendercrisps... and EATING them!

It's never been advertising's job to Sell. If you can figure out how to sell something with an ad, you're not an ad guy, you're a huckster. Advertising's job is to inspire. To change perceptions. To make us think, Hey, Burger King sounds like an okay place!

This is the worst goddamn commercial i have ever seen. In fact, i just joined this site just to rag on it. I can't believe people like this commercial. Who's the coked out whore in the tree? Who the hell cares about Hootie? Who the hell likes country music?

I hate this commercial. I hate you. Derelict my balls.

And dammit, smoot, it is advertisings job to sell a product and to create interest. It's the products job to change perceptions and make us think. Take a look at the ipod, prime example.

Might I ask from what school of thought you happen to be a graduate that allows you to prescribe to the notion that it's not advertising's job to 'sell'?

I agree with your idea that advertising is meant to inspire, to make us think...but you're forgetting the end that it's trying to achieve, and that one of the main tenets of a successful ad campaign is its ability to connect with a consumer and eventually (get this) sell a product to said consumer.

I'm sorry, Smoot, but inspiration doesn't pay the bills. Selling a client's product for them via intelligent advertising placement does.

I think Madison Ave nailed it quite succinctly. Much as it may offend those tender artistic souls out there, advertising's entire raison d'etre (pardon my French) is to sell. Businesses don't spend billions each year to amuse and entertain; they're looking for a return on their investment. As someone once said, if it doesn't sell, it ain't creative. A cold and brutal calculus, perhaps, but true nonetheless.

None of which is to say that creativity doesn't have a role in advertising. Quite the contrary: As someone else once said, you can't bore people into buying your product.
The key is to find a balance between showmanship and salesmanship.

As far as Burger King goes, I think it's been a pretty mixed bag so far. I like the new Hootie commercial, although I think some of the leering sexual innuendo - bereft of irony or camp - leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. And, of course, the Subservient Chicken was a deserved success. But Ugoff and Dr. Angus and, to a degree, the "Office" rip-off commercials - those seemed to be more style than substance. Then again, in fairness, I'm not the sort of person who would eat some place just because their commercials seem "cool." I'd eat their if the food seemed good or the prices seemed reasonable - you know, like Hooters.

Isn't she that Asian chic from "Bring it ON"? Don't know her name, but looks just like her, pretty sure its her.

Let's add it up:
Buxomly maidens swinging hand-made buckets overflowing with fresh creamy ranch dressing.
Bricks and bricks of golden yellow cheese food. (OK, cheese)
Slow paced blue grass song about the plentiful wholesome goodness of the product.
Close-up shots of the product...glistening bacon, fresh green lettuce...mmm.
Hootie's smile.
Beautiful cheerleaders.
A "Land of Oz" setting.
A cast of characters dressed as if they are ready to start a barn raising.
Bright, happy, clean, excess.
Excess, excess, excess.
If all this does not add up to a fabulous, out-of-the-ordinary metaphor for flavor, value and customer experience, I don't know what does.

I doubt most people are going to sit and try to decipher who the B celebrity is in the background or even try to remember Hootie's real name, individuals will pick up as much or as little detail as their interest and/or knowledge will allow them to...who outside egg-head land really cares about all the little obnoxious details in commercials anyway? Besides, if there was anything to be missed, you can always count on the same two office Dennis Millers to gather around the water cooler and discuss all the details and innuendo they so smartly were hip to.

As much as we'd like to believe (or make our clients believe) it's a science, advertising is a gamble. Let the numbers do the talking, Cha-Cha!

I'm just saying, if you guys think an ad can connect with its audience in an emotional way AND drag their ass to the store AND make them buy the product... well, that's one magic ad.

Perfection. When I wake up to this commercial, I know everything's going to be alright.

So...the fact that i saw the taco bell ad with their new taco salad made me get off the sofa and go down the street and get one is a magical ad?

I really think the blonde by the trees looks like Christina Aguilera....not Jenna Jameson

This has got to be the wierdest and stupidest commercial I have ever seen.The first time I saw it I was like"What the hell is that?!!!!" When did Hootie stoop so low and start doing Burger King commercials? This commercial sucks.

When I saw this commercial, I said , ""what the hell was that"
I think that BK is beening run by idiots. I hated the chicken commerical, and the other one with the king in bed with that gay guy. But this one takes the cake, suprise me BK come up with a more stupidier commerical. I really don't care if that Hootie singing or not, that whole commerical is in poor taste. I don't know anyone who want to buy a burger base on this commerical.
It just goes to show that BK is not doing all that well. The whole marketing crew needs to be fired, and get some people in there that know what they are doing. BK hires IDIOTS. So why buy a burger from them.

A more stupider commercial, eh? Good thing you're not writing them.

what a whole lot of's a fast food commercial, for cryin out loud! I thought I needed to get a life, but after reading some of these posts, I'm relieved to find I've not fallen as far as I could.... as commercials go, this one is eye candy at the very least. the blonde in the tree is spooky looking, Hootie is a hoot, the whole wiz of oz theme thing is great, I effin love this commercial. maybe the b-list celebs did it because it was freakin fun to do, weird as hell and they got paid to boot????? I guess all those folks who are bitchin would vastly prefer some dry boring spot you can easily tune out to this ear/eye catching panorama of excess.
This one could replace Smilin Bob as my favvvvvvvorite!

Oh the paragraph after the statement about you might needing to get a life makes you holier than thou?

And I'd prefer a commercial that didn't seem like a homosexual acid trip.

Okay, first of all, what the hell does this have to do with selling hamburgers. Second of all, I think CPB makes these commercials just because they think anything they do will automatically turn to gold. BUT, if you think about how much the talent cost (Brooke Burke, Darius Rucker, Maxim Twins, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders), BK should have realized that this commercial was not worth the extremely large amount of money!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN, HOW DOES THIS SELL HAMBURGERS.... Get over yourself CPB!

Does anybody listen to Ween and find this ad ween-esque?

The chick by the tree is Jenna Haze, not Jenna Jameson I will guarentee it. As if BK is all about the porn stars.

This is one of the best, most creative commercials ever. Seeing Darius Rucker dudded out in cowboy gear, with gorgeous girls, singing a cool song is just TOO inventive. I sure hope this ad wins some sort of award. D.Rucker is not particularly known for being lighthearted nor over-the-top joyful. Seeing him in this light...well, it certainly has changed my mind about him. Way to go, Hootie! Consider doing a feature film would be great! Congrats!

Let me start by saying that I absolutely hate this commercial. It is ridiculous, I hate the colors, I hate the music, and I hate the premise.
This has got to be one of the most successful commercials ever produced. Just the fact that we are all talking about it is enough evidence to convince me of that. Just the fact that I typed it into Google to see what people had to say about it gave this ad merit.
I believe that advertisers don't give a damn whether you love or hate a commercial. They would rather you hate it than merely like it. Their goal is to produce a powerful emotional response so that you think about the ad, and of course, the product associated with the ad.
Let me just say it worked! I hate it, hate it, hate it! I go to bed thinking about nice cabooses and a king who wants me to have it my way. I wake up thinking about Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. I scream and quickly fast forward the commercial when I see it start to come on, but sometimes, I just stare like I'm looking at a horrible train wreck.
The advertisers have succeeded. My powerful emotion to this ad has gotten exactly what they wanted. When I think of food, I think of tender crispy bacon cheddar ranch.
Is this ad going to stop me from going to BK? No, I'm not about to let some filthy ad change my likes and dislikes. I happen to like BK's food. So do I think about eating at BK more often? Yes.

What is this?Burger HOOTers now? I wont be taking my kids here for a while now, now were demeaning women and using them as objects at Burger King! I thought this was a family restaurant. I will be going to Mc Donalds from now on. I just joined this website to voice my opinion on this stupid commercial that uses women as objects!!

I WAS RIGHT!!! So many people have been telling me there was no way in hell it was Darius. Anyhoo...There was just this general sense of OMG WTF is he doing when I first saw it!! As cheesy as Hootie may be/have been to some people, Darius is a wonderful musician. I really hope he isn't doing this just for publicity because seriously...not good publicity.

yeah.. that and all that.. i want a copy of it....the art direction blows me away considering it was produced for a cheesy ( no pun intended) franchise such as burger king and the inventiveness of the ad firm who made it ( who are those guys anyway???) have probably just raised the bar....i first saw it in its entirety las month while in alaska, it was just over 3 minutes in duration... since then, it has been chopped to more than one minute and now it holds a 30 second spot...i need the whole damned thing!!!!! i want to download it for my wedding!!!!

Awww, boycotting BK cause your kids might have seen half a tit!

Glad you didn't see the porn version where Darius is gettin tag teamed by two of the Cowboy cheerleaders.

Newsflash, your kids have already seen a crapload of "demeaning women" while your back has been turned. Give 'em a whopper, and stay away from that child molesting clown, Ronald McDonald over at Mickey D's.

Three minutes? I think that you must have been dreaming - are you sure about that?
First of all adland would have the three minute ad in the archive, just like they have the 60 second and the 30 second versions since the commercial archive collects all cuts.

Second of all, making a three minute ad is big news, and there would have been lots of chatter about it in the tradepress. There was none.

Oh how I love this commecial...!
it is dirty low down way to sell hamburgers to moronic texans...but I love it!
it makes fun of Texans and country music...It uses sex to sell hamburgers - funny!!!! as a woman I would normally be offended by that commecial but I love how they just destroy Country music and demonstate the texas level of stupidity...
some of the lyrics are "there's a train of women commin with a big caboos" heh heh heh and a black man singing a county song - the king pushing some sleezy girl on a swing...

Thank you burger king ! love this commercial!
yea they really did a good job !

Only one thing came to mind when I saw this ad - Miss Mona's Chicken Ranch from Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Maybe I'm wrong but you have to admit to the scary coincidence...!

This one should of been on the Super Bowl Commercials, it would of won hands down. all the others sucked!! This is great. Guys love it!!!!!! Love those sexy women, we need more commercials from BK and Hootie. what a great idea!!!!!!!! Go Hootie! Go Hootie! Go Hootie...........

Wizard of Oz???? It's clearly "Hee Haw."

Perfect comment, wgzn. Madison Avenue has become more about art than substance. I sincerely doubt this will do much to sell the sandwich. Like most other new food products, it will likely be off the menu within a year.

It needs to be noted that public relations actually changes perception much more effectively than advertising. Advertising is the company talking about itself -- and people will either agree with the ads or disagree with them based on previous perceptions of the company or product. Public relations is others talking about your product for you -- and building the perceptions that advertising will build on. How many times have you seen an ad for something that you read about or saw in the news and said to yourself, "I heard about that. Someone on the news said that was going to be good (or bad)."

Advertising's best role is to maintain a brand or product once it has already been established. The first time I ever heard of this Tendercrisp sandwich was when I saw Hootie singing about it. I have yet to try it, and I doubt I will. I've always been a McDonald's man, and this commercial gave me no compelling reason to see things differently.

Finally the Hootie Hottie mystery is solved!

You know, I don't really like the commercial. In fact, every time it comes on, I cringe. Noticeably. But, I am glad that it exists. It's so perfectly random. Nice to know there are other strange souls out there who dream up the bizarre. What i really wonder is... how much did they have to pay Darius and Brooke to (in a manner of speaking) eat sh*t and grin? Or maybe they like that kind of thing...

I like this spot, but yeah, more than that, I like the fact that it's there. I appreciate that you can have a high-production, conceptual ad in a category that is otherwise devoid of creativity.

Sure, some people hate it, but for people who get it, BK is their brand. It's branding at its best.

By the way, today's Boondocks had a great take on it

Funny toon.

And on "the fact that it's there" I do agree with you, this ad is the polar opposite of the bite and smile, a perfect zig-zag in a category which has paid off huge judging by how many people who simply can't stop talking about it. What I like is that one can call

in my opinion the overload of food ads on tv and radio will never convince someone to get off the couch and go out and buy that product right then and there, and I don't think that's the point.

Ex. Millions of people like myself are forced to go through the daily torture of:

"what kind of crappy food will I be forced to eat for lunch today?"

Like many of those people I can't stand the same thing every day from the same restaurant. There's method to the madness of the circut of fast food and novelty shops you hit throughout the week. It is entirely possible that someone showing up at a restaurant will have no idea what they're interested in for lunch that day - but they mind that silly tune entering their head when the walk through the doors of the local BK. I know it happened to me last week. I starting singing the song while waiting in line and found myself ordering it just because the commercial caught my eye on TV.

I think the advertising business knows more than we think about how dumb the masses are. Similar to Pavlov's dog, "make it instinct, or a reflex reaction, to buy our product when the opportunity arises by brainwashing the public with our constant barage of marketing"

The sandwich was decent, the commercial helped them sell one to me.


"what kind of crappy food will I be forced to eat for lunch today?"


I absolutely love this commercial, it is the bomb
does any one know the words to it? i want to know exactly what it says but i cant tell- this is what i know, feel free to fill in the blanks-

I love the tender crisp bacon cheddar ranch,
something about trees
and bacon ranch dressing flows right up to your knees
and tumblewheats of bacon
and cheddar paves the streets
you get to vegg all day
while the something something pay
theres a king who wants you to have it your way,
thats the tender crisp bacon cheddar ranch,
the tender crisp bacon cheddar ranch
come and get it!

i also wanna learn the words to the other version, i dont know any of that one so plz help thx.... Jeno

The lyrics from the ad are actually listed under the hootie commercial itself but I guess you're note a super, so here we go again:

"When my belly starts a-rumblin', and I'm jonesin' for a treat.
I close my eyes for a big surprise, the Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch.
I love the Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch, the breasts they grow on trees.
And streams of bacon ranch dressing, flow right up to your knees.
There's tumbleweeds of bacon, and cheddar paves the streets.
Folks don't hunt you 'cause you got the juice, there's a train of ladies comin' with a nice caboose.
Never get in trouble, never need an excuse, that's the Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch.
I love the Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch, no one tells you to behave. (Be-have)
Your wildest fantasies come true, Dallas cheerleaders give you shaves.
Red onions make you laugh instead, and french fries grow like weeds.
You get to veg all day, all the lotto tickets pay.
There's a king who wants you to have it your way, that's the Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch."

This pretty much sums it up for me. I know the name of the sandwich and I know it's at Burger King. Mission acomplished. Pile on that it's borderline psychedelic, cheesy and draws you in every time it's on. My wife and I discuss it every time it plays. Doesn't really matter if there are (B list) celebrities in it or not. I'm liking Burger King's new ad agency quite a bit.

"Stupidier" Is there even such a word? Magical commercial. Everyone's talking about it, that's good advertising!

This is the most ridiculous commercial I have seen in a long time. Not only is it degrading to women, but it makes no sense. Also, I can't believe Hootie would stoop so low . . . in fact, my husband and I had a disagreement . . . he said it was Hootie, I stated quite emphatically that it is not. Ooooppppssss, guess I was wrong!!!!! How much longer do we have to endure this assinine commercial???

I dont get some of the things that some of you say. Like "this commercial sucks". If it sucks then why are you taking time to post here. If I hated something as much as some people seem to hate this commercial, I wouldnt even consider it, I would try to block it out of my mind. I presonally like this commercial but there are some things that I didnt even consider in it until I read this "forum" ( i guess its what I'll call it, i just subscribed to day = ] )so, I dont see "art" in this commercial. Its some sort of fantasy farm with whores running around in bikinis. I dont really get what that has to do with hamburgers, but OK I dont really care, the commercial has got me thinking about Burger King. To me its done its job and has got me talking about it. This commercial is one of the weirdest I have seen in my life but its better than that other one with the King waking up in some guy's bed. (I wonder what went on before??? =] ) Great commercial, some people here just dont appreciate it.

That last phrase came out wrong. It was meant to be...

(I wonder what went on before that? =/ )

There, fixed

Has anyone heard the radio ad for McDonald's - think it's for a breakfast sandwich- where the name of the McD's eating guy has a friend named Darius? Me thinks it might just be a stab at BK. I mean, how common is the name Darius? Mr. Rucker is the only one I have ever heard of.

I hear you. Loads of people I talk to hate this commercial but I think it's awesome. It' very different from the norm, perhaps some people are just stuck in their ways, but it has everyone's attention right?!'s not a commercial "making fun of Texans"... it's a parody of 'Big Rock Candy Mountain'...

To the guy who thought it was Ween-esque... I think so too.. probably why I liked it. Plus, come on.. there was a brick road made entirely out of cheese..holy hell!

I agree. "Excess, excess, excess" is entirely right for a product that contains approximately 1.5 trillion calories and enough grease to lubricate an armored tank division. And it ought to be a goddamn transcendental experience to be worth it. (Or at least positioned as such!). Plus, it's core market probably spends much of its collective time weeping into a bag of Doritos over the chick at the comic shop and rebuffing others' assertion that it has never kissed a girl--so the buxom maidens are a good element. (Unlike, say, the predatory, Tim-Burton-on-mescaline King of CP+B's "Wake Up with the King" spots.)

CARMEN ELEKTRA ? Can someone tell me: Is that Carmen Elektra who is on the swing on that weird Burger King ad... ?

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