GameSpot - "Going to Gamestock" 2012 USA

GameSpot - "Going to Gamestock" 2012 USA

Warlocks, wizards and zombies let their freak flags fly in a new campaign for GameStop, directed by STORY’s Jeff France for The Richards Group. Three new spots portray the game retailer’s current storewide promotion Gamestock 2012 as a Summer of Game Love festival. In the hero spot, Going to Gamestock, familiar game character types hit the road, with some piling into a rickety VW van painted in psychedelic colors, while others ride buses or hitchhike in order to take part in the “six week festival of deals and prizes.”

Two other spots feature a heavily armed warrior trying to slip through a festival security checkpoint, and a man who reacts loudly to an unpleasant smell in a bathroom, only to discover the source of the odor is a surly zombie.


Fakers gonna fake.

Clients want likes. Lots of likes. And big hits on their youtube videos. And there are plenty of social media experts who will tell you that quantity is key. Here's the thing. Quantity is very very easy to manipulate.

Take that brand with millions of likes. They're fakin'.

Take that viral video with gazillions of views. Guess what? There are services out there to help you in your fakin'.


David Lowery to host SXSW panel on music piracy?

By now, you know David Lowery is as famous for his Letter to Emily White as much as he is for writing "alt rock" hits, not to mention the soundtrack to Kidsleepy's youth.


Filmworkers Nashville Adds Colorist Jimmy Cadenas

Young colorist brings experience with Baselight grading system and a credit list that includes Bridgestone, Southwest Airlines, and McDonald’s.

NASHVILLE— In the first step in a new effort to grow and expand services, Filmworkers, Nashville, has added Jimmy Cadenas as Senior Colorist. Cadenas spent the past seven years at Filmworkers’ facilities in Chicago and Dallas where he learned his craft from some of the industry’s top colorists, and worked on projects ranging from national television commercials to music videos and feature films.


Donna Summer- "I feel love." (Big Machine) USA

BiG MACHINE created "Videophonic" which is a collab of nine design studios creating original music videos for songs that were released in the Pre-MTV days. Because everyone wants to know what 70's songs would have looked like set to video.

You can see them all here but we've got BiG MACHINE's video for Donna Summer's "I feel love," below.

"I Feel Love" / DONNA SUMMER from Steve Petersen on Vimeo.


One million moms forgot how they became moms - protest Ragu commercial

May I, as a fellow woman and mother, say that I think there might be one million ladies in serious need of a date night out there? One million moms lodge their complaint about the Ragú commercial by saying it's... harmful to children.


Toshiba 3D TV - Less Body, Less Fun - print, Israel

So when a ball is deflated,it has "less body"? I'm sure there's a language thing here that I'm missing.


No headline

Back in the 90s, when the internet was taking off and the world seemed to be on the cusp of breaking into a new era that didn't involve half of the planet being broke all the time and sudden 99% riots taking over the world, I was very exited abut ... web advertising.


Procter & Gamble's mobile banner ad will text your mum a thank you

Kirowski Isobar Budapest created a mobile ad that read "Three words we don't say enough: 'Thank you mom'", and when you tapped on it, it searched your phone for "mom, "mother", "Mum" and other variations to set up a text message to the lovely lady listed as your mom on your phone.