Super Bowl XLIII Commercials Review - First Quarter

Game On! It's time to see if those $3 million in air time was well-spent or even worth it for the advertisers who sucked it up in this poor economy to maintain or start their reputation as a Super Bowl advertiser.


Anheuser-Busch/Bud Light - "Meeting/Office Cuts" - :30

Summary: Folks are in a budget cutting meeting for their office, and things go arwy when one person suggests they stop buying Bud Light for every meeting.
Agency: DDB, Chicago
Review: Typical Bud Light spot. Good that it's timely, I think...

Sony Pictures - Angels and Demons
Agency: In-house

Audi - "Decade Jump" - :60

Summary: Actor Jason Statham, known for his action-packed roles in the "Transporter" series, "Snatch" and "The Bank Job," rushes from decade to decade to avoid capture, trying to find a luxury vehicle to aid his getaway. He finds that several other luxury vehicles fail to get the job done, until he finds the supercharged Audi A6 sedan.
Agency: Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco
Review: Nice. Quick shots. Nice to see them tell a story!
Dabitch says : Tremendously entertaining and now I know that I really really want a 1979 Firebird, still.

PepsiCo Beverages/Pepsi - "Refresh Anthem" - :60

Summary: A :60 spot called "Refresh," which features performing Bob Dylan's anthem "Forever Young."
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day
Review: Not sure if you can really compare to Bob Dylan. Falls a little flat - tries too hard.

PepsiCo's Frito-Lay/Doritos - "Snow Globe" - :30

Summary: Doritos will give the winning entry $1 million if the ad becomes "the first-ever consumer-created commercial to claim the No. 1 ranking in USA Today's annual Ad Meter."
Agency: n/a
Review:Very sophomoric. Couldn't get through without slapstick but think Pepsi does it better in upcoming ad.

Anheuser-Busch/Bud Light - "Sweden/Conan" - :30

Summary: Conan O'Brien, entertains an offer to make an ad that will "only be seen in Sweden".
Agency: DDB, Chicago
Review: Hahah ohly because it's Conan is it even remotely slightly funny.

Sony Pictures - 'The Year One'
Agency: In-house

Toyota Motor Sales USA - "Faces" - :30
Summary: Launches2009 Venza SUV where a man looks at his home and art collection, which then morphs into assets of the Venza.
Agency: Burrell Communications, Chicago
Review: Yawn. That so could have run at ANY time. Not Super Bowl worthy.

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TUTTUT's picture

Wow, they threw him out the window, very productive. Still not memorable, hope there are better to come.

TUTTUT's picture

The Audi add could have been shorter, wow I wanted to change the channel, but...

TUTTUT's picture

Pepsi ad was cool, great side-by-side shots of famous people. Pretty class.

TUTTUT's picture

Doritos- come on, you could do so much more with a groin hit gag. The snow globe magic 8 ball thing was sorta fun, could have done more with it.

TUTTUT's picture

Conan goes almost to the line but should have crossed it. I like seeing him make fun of himself, makes him seem less "stuffed" (Oh yeah I already forgot it was for Bub Light)

TUTTUT's picture

Toyota goes artsy and contemporary, missing all but the...who is this directed toward? I am definitely NOT Venza!

TUTTUT's picture

But, I might make fun of that Toyota ad at work tomorrow. I guess they did the job!

backwrite's picture

Liked Audi, like Dylan/Pepsi, missed Doritos and Toyota, have a long way to go before I can tweet and watch simultaneously.

Neaner's picture

I lovedAudi, I liked Pepsi scorpion. I even liked the golfing baby. Something is wrong with me today.

backwrite's picture

It's going to be hard to top Pedigree.

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