The Zebra Wendell (2021) :30 (USA)

This is Wendell. He lives in a bouncy house.

Mosquito Hunters - Mailman bite / Grandma bite (2020) (USA)

Mosquito Hunters is a franchise that operates seasonally in 22 states.
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Cardi B

Reebok - Cardi B "Sport The Unexpected" (2019) :60 (USA)

"I think he's cute, but I don't think he's not calling me in two days cute, you know?" Cardi B is gossiping while getting her

Chicken Ramen “Akuma No Kimura” 「アクマのキムラー 篇」(2018) :30 (Japan)

I don't know what to say other than, this is the most metal ad I've seen.

Hanes Comfort Blend - Kitten Shirt / Michael Jordan - (2012) :30 (USA)

Take that part in the Ikea ad World without Textiles where the man holds a fluffy bunny after his shower, and do what we all thought that man would do

BIC Flexperience - Human Curling - (2011)

"Fuckers keep this up, and I'm going Amish" Clayton quipped when the Gillette Fusion Area 51 high-tech madness almost got them on the t

Skittles - Touch Cat - (2011)

May I be the first person to say: AAAAH, the eyes! The Eyes! These commercials are getting so weird. See also the equally bizarre Cage Cop,

Diesel "Kick Ass" Countryside (2010) 1:10 (Argentina)

THIS IS SO WEIRD! I'm at a loss for words here.

VH1 - “If You Like” / Boobs with fake boobs - (2010)

If you like Miguel, the overrated latino lover, text "ILIKE299004", if you like the boob with fake boobs, text "ILIKE299007" Ye
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Can your mohawk do this? - 2010 :30 (Japan)

Even if you don't speak the language, this spot will make you want to run out and buy whatever this product is. Mohawks rock.

Olympia Womans Socks - Apartment, Entertainer, Japanese - print, France

Y&R Paris created this campaign for Olympia Womans Socks, they are Lingerie pour les pieds - lingerie for your feet.

Factor 5 - Love Code (eng sub) - (2008) :30 (Spain)

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BK / Burger King - Eat Like Snake - (2006) :60 (USA)

You'd think that you'd be ok to leave your BK triple whopper alone for as second in the break room, as you get your soda, but that is only t

Tuborg Classic - cheers captain monkey - (2004) 0:30 (Denmark)

skål = cheers. tagline: unusually civilized.

McDonald's - Mrs. McDonalds - (2004) :15 (Japan)

This is the most high fashion Ronald McDonald you've ever seen. She's promoting a tomato sandwich.

Diesel - Save Yourself / Drink Urine / Eat Algae / Don't breathe

Diesel has some elaborate ideas on how you can stay young forever. You could clone yourself! Don't breathe anything but pure oxygen!

Heatherette M.A.C - Amanda Lepore / Pink Lipstick (2000) 6:45 (USA)

M.A.C in store truly bizarre promo shot by David LaChapelle and starring a very nude Amanda Lepore who is having a love affair with lipstick.

H.I.S. Jeans - Iron - (1999) 0:08 (Germany)

Agency: Heye & Partner Unterhaching
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Dunlop - Tested for the unexpected - (1993) 0:90 (UK)

A latex-clad wizard conjurs up all sorts of road traps for our hero car, who swerves past falling pianos, over seas of marbles, and through fire while

Cloetta - Go' och glad Kexchoklad / GENERALEN / the General (1993) :30 (Sweden)

Go' och glad Kexchoklad means Good and happy Cookie Chocolate

Socialdemokraterna - Kan vi bry oss om varandra? (1988) :75 (Sweden)

People tell the camera what they want.

SAP / Socialdemokraterna - Why should we care about each other? - (1985) :75 (Sweden)

Back when Socialdemokraterna were still called Socialdemokratiska arbetarpartiet - Reklamfilm SAP Varför ska vi bry oss om varandra?

Budweiser - Tastebuds Running - (1979) :30 (USA)

Joggers quell their thirst with.. beer!?

Kinder Surprise - Humpty Dumpty Egg man - (1975) :30 (UK)

I think this was a success, I remember that they showed it to us in adschool and we were all gobsmacked. Still freaks me right the hell out.

7 up - The Un-Cola (1975) :60 (USA)

A trippy butterfly dancer in bubbles and a smiling moon.
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ICI Fibers - The New Way to Dress - (1974) :30

"The new way to dress" in Crimplene for men and Terylene, the new way to dress is in ICI fibers....

Remco - The Baby Laugh a Lot - (1970)

In 1970, Remco made the Baby Laugh a Lot, a 16" tall doll with a plastic head and soft plush body that would not stop laughing (if you pushed the
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