Doritos and Burger King - Flame grilled billboard (2023) :30 (UK)

Teasing a potential collaboration, a Doritos billboard was seen up in flames outside a Burger King restaurant in Middleborough.

Live from the PS5: increased bizarre activity globally: Thor's hammer spotted in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Remember when the Leviathan Axe from the God of War smashed into the banks of the River Thames? PlayStation and TBWA behind increased activity on PS5.

Sony Playstation - Live from PS5 / Bringing You The Extraordinary - Leviathan Axe from the God of War

This is "Live from PS5" where it's perfectly normal to report the news while Kratos slides down the ice road with Atreus and the wolves

HORNBACH builds the world’s first ‘Sneakerpool', which looks like adidas x 43einhalb ZX 10000 "Joint Path" sneakers.

HORNBACH DIY Store has created the world’s first ‘Sneakerpool'- an XXL pool shaped like a pair of HUGE cult status adidas x 43einhalb ZX 10000 &q

Burger King created the Pregnancy Whopper / schwangerschaftswhopper - for pregnant women with cravings.

Burger King® is finally debunking the myth surrounding pregnancy cravings with a representative survey among pregnant women and mothers in Germany.

The Glue Society Debuts Brexit-Inspired Installation at London Design Festival

The striking 6m-high installation inverts the familiar mechanics of a forklift, depicting a conspicuously airborne machine overwhelmed in its attempt

Game of Thrones Crypt built in Moscow in advance of a final season

The Game of Thrones’ final is still a mystery, but we definitely need to get ready for many more deaths.

Nature Valley "Battle of the sexes" (2017) :37 (UK)

E.ON Italy & M&C Saatchi ‘Freeze’ Historic Building in Milan to Highlight Energy Waste

M&C Saatchi Milan has created an innovative campaign for E.ON Italy, aiming to increase the energy company’s presence in the country.

Giant pink condoms covering tall things - Thrice!

Fuzz Wax Bar "Street Waxing" (2013) :1:10 (Canada)

Some time this summer, the Fuzz Wax Bar (a popular destination in Canada, because Canadians are apparently still on the metrosexual trend) decided to

Adidas - Swipe shot / Window display smartphone game - (2013)

The Viral Company Stockholm made a little game for Adidas, and a super long case study film for it.

Volvo Trucks - How many truckers fit in the new Volvo FH?

How many elephants fit in a car?

Tic Tac - Worst breath in the world - flash mob with fainting people - (2012)

This is a cruel, cruel stunt.

TNT - "A dramatic surprise on a quiet square" - stunt, Belgium

To launch TNT - "we know drama" - in Belgium, Turner decided to take the drama to the streets.
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Honda, the fun car prize found in giant cereal boxes.

At the Vancouver Art Gallery there's a giant cereal box.

Augmented reality PSA in Amsterdam Rembrandtplein mirrors peoples behaviour

This giant TV-billboard in the Rembrandtplein is perfectly situated to be stared at whilst ones waits for the tram.

Heineken vs Mini and the giant boxes in Amsterdam.

This Badlander is hilarious, and classic. The ideas are good, and unusual, they appeared in the same city, only ten days apart (or less even).

Mini - Amsterdam big boxes after Christmas - (2009) :60 (The Netherlands)

On the PC Hooftstraat where the chic boutiques are, this large box - which had presumably contained a Mini wrapped up as a christmas gift - was spotte

Heineken - The Walk-in Fridge on the tram - (2009) :33 (The Netherlands)

As a follow-up of the "walk in fridge" commercial (that didn't score as high at Eurobest as the creators hoped) , this Ambient / stunt

Miley Cyrus - Hannah Montana - working the pole.

Not sure when Disney fell asleep at the wheel but here's sixteen year old Hanna Montana/Miley Cyrus doing some gyrating pole dancing at the Teen
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Clash in action

Rock and Fish - ambient photo op stands - Norway

Tank Design had some fun doing this for the client "Eksportutvalget For Fisk" (the wikipedia calls them world largest common cause advertisi

Gevalia - Scuba diver - (2008) :40 (Sweden)

In 1985 the tagline "Gevalia.
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The Sun - WHERE THE BLOODY HELL WERE YOU? - poster, Australia

For the first time since forever the English got a higher medal tally at the Olympics than Australia, and The Sun Newspaper in Britain were determined

Telia Sweden "pauses" Stureplan in Stockholm. Homage to Improv Everywhere, anyone?

Storåkers in Stockhom were so impressed by Improv Everywhere's fantastic Frozen Grand Central that they repeated the event, except as an ad for T

Scions owners unite with ATTIK to create "United By Individuality" brand campaign.

With the creative approach ambitiously calling for hundreds of Scion owners to unite for a massive photo and film shoot, the monumental cross-media ma

K-Rauta throw "yard parties" all over Sweden, advertises them with hand written notes.

K-rauta, our version of Home Depot is the sender of this "ad" which looks just like a hand written note from your neighbour, and is currentl

Peta cages naked pregnant lady for Mothers day

PETA is at it again, but instead of undressing celebrities they've stripped one of their "very pregnant" members named Noemie down to h

Cops pull over decent drivers just to give them Starbucks coupons.

An update on that Starbucks Holiday cheer - presumably happens in drive-throughs - now we learn that cops in California pull over drivers who have don

Mophonics artist Four Fifty One tapped by 86theonions for Upshot tour

More and more clients are starting to look to music production houses for more than just licensing a track or composing an original song.

Nude models squirting yogurt as ad event fined for obscenity.

A dairy advertising exec genius was just fined for "staging an obscene event" in Seoul, South Korea myway news reports.

Queer cab campaign against homophobia

RFSU (the Swedish national group for sex information) have launched a new campaign, this one aims to battle homophobia.

Amstel Ballen Bar: The Ballroom of Amstel beer

Dutch agency Doom & Dickson created a campaign for Amstel beer with balls.

Nivea Thais Up Traffic In Bangkok

(Archived) After cracking down on drugs and pirated products, Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is now going on about moral ethics. Last week,

McCain Oven chips - Bingo hall - (1984) :30 (UK)

In a bizarre bingo hall we're all sitting around waiting to do the "chip dance". Take a chip, pinch a bit, take a bite.
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