Innocence en danger - the airdrop gate / Dick Pics

Innocence en danger - the airdrop gate
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Time to Badland the code cracking recruitment campaigns. Again.

Alright! Time to Badland this properly!

Peloton's Stylish Post-Lockdown Ad stole its visual concept from Lowe's

Hacks at Peloton nicked a visual concept because they used the same post house.

Reddit's 5-second Superbowl ad (regional)

Reddit appeared with a 5-second message that was literally a blink-and-you'll-miss it ad.

JavaScript billboard headline tells you to mask up against covid - forever.

Santa Clara County have come out with a very odd choice of billboard headline as Covid information.

Code cracking recruitment subway ad campaign gets over 800 applicants for job

We've seen this tactic before, and it works.

Digital poster in Shoreditch for O2 is written entirely in code - win a OnePlus 3

Want a OnePlus3? I DO!  Well, alls I hafta do is decipher this code, and I might win one.

Tits on the internet - When Fappening becomes UNfappening


Xbox One and the ASCII middle-fingers on facebook.

Right now the Xbox's Facebook page is home the what may be the worlds largest collection of ASCII art bird-flipping.

Aluma puts homeless people on the map. The virtual maps - Gowalla and Facebook places.

The other night Aluma a magazine that raises money for homeless, and their agency in Malmö working pro-bono The Fan Club, had a pow-wow where they spe

Someone is taking "Be Kanye" Absolut ads too literally, hacks into his myspace & gmail

Someone has taken the "Be Kanye" Absolut ads way to literally it seems, as Kanye complains that practically every online area he's usin
Jamie Nelsons original photography 2006

Dexim ad vs Jamie Nelson - This is what we call "demo love" - and what lawyers call "copyright infringement".

Last year I worked at a place where the "creative" was limited to "Model on the left, product to the right" and every single sketc
Triple badlander - for those who can't count. Google's prime number billboard versus BMG's trade pos

Two hard nuts to crack, or three.

Triple badlander - for those who can't count. Google's prime number billboard versus BMG's trade poster.

Resume.se carries nimda virus

Woops - resume.se - the Swedish advertising and media news on the web best served to an Internet Explorer browser was carrying the Nimda virus this we

BMG - Does your publisher understand you? - print, 1988

Seeking to recruit developers at the , but only the ones fluent in C++, this ad was printed in the E3 Trade Show program.
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