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Dunkin’ - ‘Drive-Thru’ Outtakes Starring Ben Affleck - (2023) :60 (USA)

Ben Affleck was having fun when he took over at the Dunkin Donut drive-through in his old hometown, so much so that he ad-libbed a bunch of silly thin
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Veloz "Kicking Gas" 3:38 (2019) (USA)

Arnold goes under cover to sell people gas cars instead of electricity in a new campaign from Russo Brother's founded shop Superconductor.
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AIB & Women’s Aid - the abusive tellar machine (2019) :90 (Ireland)

AIB ATMs Reveal the Shocking Truth of Financial Abuse AIB, Women’s Aid and ROTHCO seek to raise awareness and improve support for thousands of

Opel "Jade" (2018) 2:17 (The Netherlands)

Montana's Cookhouse "Paid For In Meat" (2014) 2:00 (Canada)

To prove how irresistible Montana's Cookhouse Best Of Barbecue sampler is, they hired an actor to go around Toronto and see if he could barter go
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Toys R Us give underprivileged kids free toys, concern trolls wish they hadn't.

Look at the girl top left. Look at her face. She loves this hug. She loves whatever toy that is.
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Time Out Shanghai - The Stolen Phone Tour - (2013)


Pepsi MAX - Jeff Gordon - Test Drive (2013) 3:45 (USA)

Overheard at the town square of hip California ad agency offices: "Guys, guys, remember when old "Uncle Drew" joined a game and it turn
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Carlsberg puts friends to the test / Poker game gone awry stunt

"Imagine... It's the middle of the night. You're sleeping. Your best friend calls for help...."

Elevator Murder Experiment - viral stunt for Dead Man Down

How do you shill a film called "Dead Man Down"? Easy, arrange an attempted murder in an elevator and have people witness it.

Thai Health Promotion Foundation - Smoking Kid - guerilla (2012) Thailand

Ogilvy were tasked with the issue of reminding adult smokers that smoking is like , bad for you mmm'kay?

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers - @mellowmushroom follows @richnowalk - (2012)

Trippy Trippy Pizza!

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers - Follow us and we follow you (compilation) - (2012)

"Mellow Mushroom is a pizza place with a laid-back Hippie mentality and a rather stoned-looking mushroom for a mascot.

Don't get screwed over - What It Feels Like To Be A Freelancer - (2012) :90

"I will pay you five dollars, if you can draw me a bird."

Coca-Cola - Security Cameras - (2012) :60

This clever little advert produced by Landia for Coke Latin America shows a lot of fun, quirky, crazy, lovely and hilarious scenes of people being rea

Foundation Against Cancer -Midnight Switch - A boyfriends worst nightmare (2012)

Enchanté/Adhese's work for the Foundation Against Cancer is a weird cross between "Big Brother" and a bizarro "Wife swap".

Kalles Kaviar - Tokyo taste test - (2012) :30 (Sweden)

They say that "Kalles Kaviar" is the most Swedish thing there is, salty fish-roe and tomato-paste in a colorful tube.

Tic Tac - Worst breath in the world - flash mob with fainting people - (2012)

This is a cruel, cruel stunt.

TNT - "A dramatic surprise on a quiet square" - stunt, Belgium

To launch TNT - "we know drama" - in Belgium, Turner decided to take the drama to the streets.

Contrex - Contrexperience (English) - (2011) 1:40 (France)

A few ladies that are walking in a crowded city square discover pink stationary bikes on the town square. What do these do?

ICE.gov Anti Piracy PSA: "Free movies"

Philips Nigel & Victoria - "It's my film" - part 2

Nigel and Victoria have their first very frank encounter about what sort of films they're trying to make here.

Philips Nigel & Victoria - Subdued - part 3

Nigel keeps making a fool out of himself, and angers Victoria to the point of violence.
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Frooti Juicy Mango Surprise Project: Giant Mangos attack!

So, you get a pretty straight forward brief that states: "inform people that there is lots of real mango in product", and you could do all s

Heineken - The Walk-in Fridge on the tram - (2009) :33 (The Netherlands)

As a follow-up of the "walk in fridge" commercial (that didn't score as high at Eurobest as the creators hoped) , this Ambient / stunt

Art For Ransom (2009) :(USA)

Mercury Insurance - Box Store / Cesar - (2008) :30 (USA)

Ground Zero, USA hop on the "hot" hidden camera trend. Everyone wants "both" because both is better.

Mercury Insurance - Soccer / Steve - (2008) :30 (USA)

Mercury Insurance - Casino / Yao - (2008) :30 (USA)

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Burger King - Whopper Freakout - 3 (2007) :30 (USA)

Mind Cooler - Dry Cleaning / Wedding - (2004) 0:30 (Sweden)

Shot with a hidden camera.

Mind Cooler - Dry Cleaning / Grandma - (2004) 0:30 (Sweden)

a classic "good news" after "bad news" twist all shot with a hidden camera.

MTV - Robbies Passport part 1 - (1997) 0:60 (Netherlands)

The premise: Robbie Williams has lost his passport.

MTV - Robbies Passport part 2 - (1997) 0:60 (Netherlands)

See also Robbies Passport part one.

Gammeldansk - Dold Kamera - (1992) 0:60 (Denmark)

Only in Denmark could you make an ad campaign from placing hidden cameras in bars.
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