Director Johan Stahl Helms Heartwarming Spot for Cadbury Asia

Johan Ståhl recently directed “Bus Ride,” a heartwarming spot for Cadbury Chocolate.

No one says it but everyone does it: "Uber Eats, ça arrive."

*"Ça arrive": in French there's a double meaning "It's coming" and also "It happens".

Red Wing Honors Trade Workers’s Inspiring Stories With Two New Short Films

The US shoe brand teams up with Farm League to highlight the unique and deeply personal stories of Shelly Abbott and E.J. Engler

Dove : Toxic Influence / Dove Self-Esteem Project (2022) 3:48 (USA)

Dove has come up with a new experiment, and as an experiment I decided to watch this with my teenage daughter, to see how she reacted to the ad.

Oreo - "The Note" / short film by Alice Wu (2022) 2:30 (USA)

Alice Wu has a firm grip on delicate storytelling by slow reveal. In the short film "The Note"

Zijkant – Equal Pay Day: The Umbilical Cord & sports (2022) :60 (Belgium)

The soundtrack to this, at the start of the ad, is quite brilliant.

Elvie “Smart Bodies” / feat. Eva Lazarus (2022) :60 (UK)

Leading femtech brand Elvie today launches a new global brand campaign in honor of International Women’s Day.

AdCouncil / AdoptUSKids - Duffle Bag (2021) 1:30 (USA)

It's difficult to adopt a teen.

The New York Times - Becky / Independent Journalism (2022) :30 (USA)

Big appetite, little flash and lots of introspection.

PENNY - The Wish / What do you want for Christmas, Mom? (2021) 3:30 (Germany)

The direction and cinematography of this ad are exceptional. A young man asks his mother what she wants for Christmas, and she tells him.

Knix - “Blood, Sweat & Pee (Nothing to Hide)” (2021) 1:00 (Canada)

Hit me with the blood, sweat and pee. We leakproof.

CANAL+ “The Punishment.” (2021) :100 (France)

A mother discovers that her son it terrible at math.

Canal+ - The Punishment (2021) :45 (France)

CANAL+ shows mother knows best thanks to “The Punishment.” A beautiful mix of humor, truth, and an impressive reel of TV/contents offerings in one wi

Nivea - Back Home - (2021) 2:00 (Germany)

Paul Arden said, "Music is 90% of your commercial", and there the beautiful but cloying song is overpowering the performances in this ad. 

ULTA Beauty - Muse / Behold her (2021) :60 (USA)

"MUSE" is Ulta's commitment to Magnify, Uplift, Support and Empower Black voices in beauty, announced today with this commercial direct

SVP 'Impossible Choices' (2020) :30 (Ireland)

Ireland's biggest charity, St.

Etsy - Shiori / Gift it like you mean it (2020) :30 (USA)

Shiori - her name is unusual and people keep getting it wrong.

Colgate champions positivity and encourages Malaysians to #SMILESTRONGBERSAMA

This heartfelt campaign seeks to inspire by telling stories of courageous Malaysians who are driving change despite uncertain times.

Libresse Bodyform - Womb Stories (2020) 3:18 (UK)

"Our #wombstories are never simple. But all of them – the weird and the wonderful; the happy and the sad – need to be heard. "

Herbal Essences - Changes / Jesse (2017) :30 (Sweden)

Jesse came into her own when she became a young mother already in highschool.

American Cancer Society "Anger" (2015) :30 (USA)

This ad is part of a new campaign for The American Cancer Society, directed by cancer survivor Rodrigo Garcia Saiz.

Orange - Kiss Back (2006) :90 (UK)

A young mother kisses her baby, and a series of kiss scenes follow as the baby grows up to be a boy, then a teenager, then a young man.

Hellman's - Oedipus - (2004) 0:30 (Argentina)

Bud Light - Worst Nightmare (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

"take a good look at her, because in 20 years, that's what Sarah's gonna look like" Man meets his soon to be mother in law for th

MasterCard - No More Shopping Mall (1999) - 0:30 (USA)

Instead of teaching kids to behave, which is hard, shop online. Okay.

MasterCard - Ireland (1999) - 0:30 (USA)

An American born daughter brings her Irish mother back home.

Allied Dunbar - Pregnancy test / There may be trouble ahead (1994) :60 (UK)

Desperately looking for his razor a father stumbles across a pregnancy test in the bathroom.

Pine Sol - First birthday party / Six moms (1987) :30 (USA)

She was dreading Jennie's first birthday party because six children would be there - and their moms!

Colombian Coffee - Heritage - (1982) :30 (USA)

It is no wonder a country so rich in traditions grows the richest coffee in the world.

Fritos - "Muncha a buncha, Muncha a bunch Fritos go with lunch" (1980) :30 )USA)

The little boy seems terribly bored with his lunch offering until mom pops some Fritos corn chips on his plate. Sing alone!

Jif Peanutbutter - Mrs Carol Heintzelman - (1977) :30 (USA)

During a blind testing at the super market Carol finds that the peanut butter she selected is not the one she's been buying for ten years.

Fab detergent - Little girl with big brothers (1975) :30 (USA)

What do I do with my little girl who is determined to keep up with her brothers? I let her!

Hovis - Northern life - (1973) :45 (UK)

We walked off to shop after the war my mum and me.

Comfort - Big rough world (1972) :30 (UK)

The only thing between your family and the big rough world outside is their clothes, and you. 

TAB - Be a mind sticker (1971) :30 (USA)

"Be a mind sticker" and the way to do that is to stay forever young and slim apparently because he loves "the shape you're in"

Tampax - She's an antiques collector and an architect... print, 1969

Naturally, she uses Tampax tampons, the modern internal sanitary protection. Belts, pins, and pads make her uncomfortable. Slow her down.
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