Are you SURE you want to be a brand?

If I had a nickel for every last social media guru ninja wizard who said breathlessly "You are your own brand," I'd have enough money to shut the internet down. And why would I want to do that?

Because I am not, repeat, NOT a brand. I don't need to add a ™ next to my name. I do not live in fear of declaring bankruptcy on myself. I have not once gone public with an overvalued stock price. And I certainly haven't had to do a massive mea culpa on social media for something stupid I've said.

See, the only human brands out there, are the ones who work really hard at to become a brand. All the while unaware that any of the above circumstances will happen to them sooner or later.


Facebook aims for the kids, expands market instantly.

What do you do when you own the largest market share and still need to grow? Expand market. Facebook are currently working on tech that would allow kids under age 14 to use the network under parental supervision, reports the Wall Street journal. Lets face it, when Facebook has an account for everyone above the age of 13, but some adults are still staying away with a "won't somebody please think of the children" holler, making kids accounts may actually force some parents to sign up just to keep tabs on what their kids are doing online. How clever.


Seth MacFarlane isn't anti-Semitic. He's an anti-Semitic schmuck.

Hey I'm just kidding. See, I'm being satirical. I'm paying the part of The Offended Guy of Jewish Origin.* I know Seth MacFarlane is laughing, too. Otherwise, he'd be taking offense and therefore, acting like everything he purports to hate.

See, a couple days ago, MacFarlane took to his Twitter to post this ad, with the line "Here it is-- the Emmy Ad The trades refused to run." Maybe they did refuse it, or maybe they never presented it and it was a story the PR peeps cooked up just to get everyone's panties in a wad.


Ultra Grip Tyres - Teddy Bear / Game - print ads, Brazil

If the Michelin tyre man had children, they'd probably look like this. I have no idea what it's supposed to mean though... That holding on to the road is child's play? oooooooooh, that's it.


You either Cannes or you Cannt. I can't do either *sob*

Yes, it's time for another year of Cannt - the London ad getogether for those who can't go to Cannes. June 18th – 22nd the Cannt festival will showcase and reward the best creative talent in the UK, who are still stuck in the UK instead of drinking that pink Evian in the south of France. It's a nice idea, and takes care to recreate the hobnobbing and creative gossiping over cool drinks in the summer heat, except in London far from sandy beaches. I'd go if I were in London.

CANNT 2012 is coming 18th-22rd June.
Once again we will be taking over venues in London to bring a little of the Cannes experience to those not lucky enough to go.
Because you either Cannes or you CANNT.


TBWA Worldwide won the Adidas World Cup global pitch

TBWA Worldwide nabbed the business beating out Mother and DDB who were also in the running to the end. Sid Lee who nicked the account from 180 Amsterdam back in 2010, was knocked out of the running at an earlier stage along with Bartle Bogle Hegarty.


Link lust: You are not a curator, hashbangs are gone, and facebook forcefeeds you ads

The Awl goes on a bit of a well deserved rant in "You are not a curator, you are actually just a blogger":

As a former actual curator, of like, actual art and whatnot, I think I'm fairly well positioned to say that you folks with your blog and your Tumblr and your whatever are not actually engaged in a practice of curation. Call it what you like: aggregating? Blogging? Choosing? Copyright infringing sometimes? But it's not actually curation, or anything like it.

Choice line that nearly became the headline: "You are no different from some teen in Indiana with a LiveJournal about cutting", oh snap!


Missiongathering Church is SORRY according to their billboard

Earlier this week the Missiongathering Christian Church put up this billboard in Charlotte, North Carolina on Billy Graham Parkway which reads:

“Missiongathering Christian Church is sorry for the narrow-minded, judgmental, deceptive, manipulative actions of those who denied rights & equality to so many in the name of God”


Jung von Matt - Lorem Ipsum Recruitment - (2012)

Jung von Matt  - Lorem Ipsum Recruitment - (2012)

Jung von Matt are at it again, poaching Art Directors via the widely used online Lorem Ipsum generator.