Viasat "<3 Premier League" (2013) :45 (Sweden)

 Viasat "<3 Premier League" (2013) :45 (Sweden)

It's Premiere League time, and it's time to show your love for the game and get all caught up in the ❤ and whatnot.

McDonald's invites you to rock out to its food.

field print

Summer is festival season. So to get festival goers excited about McDonald's DDB in Stockholm created posters that treated McDonald's menu like a Coachella poster.

Xide "Transformer" (2013) :20 (Sweden)

Xide "Transformer" (2013) :20 (Sweden)

While we're on the subject of Swedes, music videos and drinks, the alcopop brand Xide teamed up with Young Squage to make a video for their new single "Transformer." The song was written and prod

DJ Axwell "Center of the Universe" (2013) 4:01 (Sweden)

DJ Axwell "Center of the Universe"  (2013) 4:01 (Sweden)

To launch their "Where's the Party?" campaign, Carlsberg teamed up with former Swedish House Mafia hombre, DJ Axwell, to create this music video content.

Adobe Photoshop Live - Street Retouch Prank Stockholm - (2013)

Adobe Photoshop Live - Street Retouch Prank Stockholm - (2013)

Adobe wants you to come to the CreativeDays, so they placed photoshop ninja Erik Johansson in a white van next to a bus stop, rigged the bus poster to be an electronic one, and then went to town photoshopping unsuspecting passengers into all sorts of typical ad posters. A young girl and boy appear in a possible rom-com poster, kissing. A cranky looking man is transformed into a Godzilla-like giant in a poster which amuses him greatly.

Adobe Creative Day on June 11, 2013, at 9.00 (Finland 10.00), you can watch it live if you register now.

Adidas - Swipe shot / Window display smartphone game - (2013)

The Viral Company Stockholm made a little game for Adidas, and a super long case study film for it. Demonstrating that Stockholm Sweden isn't all hipsters and tall blondes, they interview man & woman on the street who actually tried the game so for once the reactions feel genuine. By connecting their smartphones to the Adidas store open wifi, and then visiting the URL http://adiswipe.com (don't read that too fast, asswipe), the phone connects to the store screen and becomes a full-powered gaming control. Then you can kick balls and score points!

There's no free Adidas shoes at the end, and the screen is small so there's a lost audience opportunity as other people walking by can't really see what's happening. Gold star for effort, I guess.

Volkswagen "Migrator Bird" (2013) 1:30 (Sweden)

Volkswagen "Migrator Bird" (2013)  1:30  (Sweden)

Swedish winters suck. They last forever. And you can't believe it's ever going to change. The minute you see those birds fly south, you know you're screwed.

In an attempt to make it just a little easier, Volkswagen decided to help out. Their
Skiteam edition cars with 4MOTION: that's four wheel drive, a car heater and roof box.

Getting back to the birds: DDB Stockholm paired up with the University in Lund and used GPS to live-track an osprey bird during its winter migration to the southern hemisphere and back.

Fans could follow the bird, read its tweets and of course, learn all about the 4MOTION cars. There was even a prize thrown in for good measure.

Unicef - Likes don't save lives - Brothers (2013)

Unicef - Likes don't save lives - Brothers (2013)

Unicef Sweden want all you slacktivists to stop clicking "like" and start donating money again. The tool chosen to shame the slactivists is their own favorite language, sarcasm.

Comhem- Surfa ComHem-style! Psy homage - (2013) :40 (Sweden)

Comhem- Surfa ComHem-style! Psy homage - (2013) :40 (Sweden)

You remember Judith & Judith don't you? They've been the Snapple-like gals, and then they continued their campaign career by doing homages to virals. Of course they had to go all Psy on us.

Lyrics, translated (where it has to be):

Surf surf surf surf - surfa Comhem Style

Surfa = "to surf" in Swedish.

När du skall surfa, stream film och ladda upp en fil

When you want to surf, steam a movie and upload a file.

Porteur Bike sale

field print

Porteur is a new bicycle brand that has a one-for-one scheme, kind of like Tom's shoes. Buy a bike and they'll donate one. In order to promote their 10% sale, they decided to run the ad where cyclists were sure to see it: On the street. Made from water soluble paint, ads were made out of the road markings pointing out the bicycle lane. Clever use of a timely 10% discount. Because when the ads disappear so does the sale.

Fair enough. But what happens if it doesn't rain or snow in Stockholm for a bit? I realize this is impossible in spring there, but if we pretended climate change hit the land of Vikings, when's the official sale end?


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