B-classic " Classical Comeback" (2014) 2:53 (Belgium)

B-Classic is a classical music festival. To connect with a younger audience, DDB Brussels created the first music video for a classic composer.

Ikea "Choose color" (2014) :50 (Belgium)

Ikea ads color to a grey Belgium.

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"Coke Zero" Just add Zero (2014) 2:00 (Belgium)

Sochi 2014 "Belgian mountains" (2013 :55 (Belgium)


Vallformosa cava "Fuck Me Rich" (2013) 1:30 (Belgium)

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Plan Belgium "14 year old pregnant teen" 2:30 (Belgium)

Coca-Cola "Taste Under Hypnosis" (2013) 3:00 (Belgium)

Volkswagen Beetle- the "Slowmercial" - Introduction to Cab - (2013)

1 out of 3 Belgians watch their favorite shows in delayed mode, meaning they fast forward through the commercials. "DDB and Volkswagen now com
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Carlsberg puts friends to the test / Poker game gone awry stunt

"Imagine... It's the middle of the night. You're sleeping. Your best friend calls for help...."

TNT Dramatic Surprise (2013) 1:50 (Belgium)


Newspaperswork: 6 things you can miss while reading a newspaper / stunt

For the client Newspaperswork, the marketing platform for all Belgian newspaper publishers, Duval Guillaume Belgium created a little stunt that, which
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Toyota: protect what's behind you

Toyota - case study - Protect whats behind you

See also the post with the images of each painting for full story.
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TGV / SNCF Group - Take a look at Brussels - (2012)

How do you announce that with the TGV you can travel non-stop from Lyon's to Brussels? Why not invite the people of Lyon, one person at a time?


Here's a fun idea brought to you by the Famous Brussels peeps in Belgium: Catroulette.

Toyota - The IQ Street View project / filling in the gaps in Google Maps - (2012)

Happiness Brussels, who brought you the award-winning IQ Font , are now beating Google to the punch in Belgium.

Science - It's a girl thing - (2012)

The European Commission decided to try and attract more ladies to science, by equating them with pretty models doing a cat-walk thing near lab-coated

Foundation Against Cancer -Midnight Switch - A boyfriends worst nightmare (2012)

Enchanté/Adhese's work for the Foundation Against Cancer is a weird cross between "Big Brother" and a bizarro "Wife swap".

Ogilvy - Pirate Recruitment - (2012) case study

Ogilvy decided to find a new web designer.. by placing a 6.8 MB file out on Torret sites with the name "adobe photoshop"

AXA, a house weeps in Antwerp

AXA - the weeping house in Antwerp - case study

See also the photo of the weeping house
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Opel Movano - The banner ad that carries 2 Gigabyte files for you - case study

So many things I love here, the fact I can send my ripped DVDs to a frine via an Openl banner is just one of them.
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Carlsberg - Bikers Cinema Stunt

1 Comment - Femme-o-matic (2011) 2:23 (Belgium)

Fresh faced Dutch director Jelmar Hufen wrote and directed this little film, which comes complete with a small town full of characters, a great soundt

Eurostar - Another Planet / Aliens

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Eastpak - Built to Resist / Aka (director's cut)- (2010) :60

And now we've graduated to the directors cut of "Aka".
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Eastpak - Built to Resist / Guitar Battle- (2010) :55

Forget the streaker midget, here we see a hard rock guitar battle where the Eastpack backpack suddenly transforms into a yellow-clad guitar god who se

Eastpak - Built to Resist / Skaterstreaker - (2010) :55

So, they got a brief and decided to add ye old "hey, lets put a little person in this ad" - but no, it's not at all what you'd thi


Need Space ? Industrial buildings advertising campaign. - Breeding Farm - (2010) :60

Ever wonder how all those new music hybrids are created?

Belgian Natural Gas - Making of the knitted advert

The Natural Gas advert with the growing wolly knitted stuff really had me wondering how on earth did they do that.

Delta Lloyd Life - Sandra Kim "J'aime la vie" 25 years later - (2010)

"vous serez pensionné plus vite que vous ne le pensez"

Aardgas (KVBG) – Gaz Naturel (ARGB) / Belgian Natural Gas - Knitted - (2010) :35

Stop motion wolly knitting takes over this home, making it all cozy and warm.

Alfa Romeo - Expedition 147: Alfa Romeo advertises on lowest point on earth.

Expedition 147: Alfa Romeo advertises on lowest point on earth. What for? To bring home the point that they have really low prices. Oh dear.
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Vlam - Flemish Milk Board - Jumpers - (2009) :30 (Belgium)

Gabber, dancing, techno

Vlam - Flemish Milk Board - Freestyler - (2009) :30 (Belgium)

Gabber, dancing, techno
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"Stop writing on the wall" might even become a catchphrase, here Sony shows us the inside of a SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTS (ANONYMOUS) ASSOCIATION

Lolly Jane Blue - White Swan - (2009) 6:13 (Belgium)

Toyota - IQ Font - When driving becomes writing - (2009)

Two typographers ( Pierre & Damien / ) and a pro race pilot (Stef van Campenhoudt) collaborated to design a font with a car. The car move

Organ Donor Foundation - Only Chance to get inside.. - print, Belgium

Ah, a half naked woman in advertising! What is it selling?
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Re-born to be alive - Obituary - print, Belgium

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Volkswagen Polo - GPS / The Walker - (2008) :30 (Belgium)

Patrick Otten : DoP Stijn De Coninck : Editor Peter Aerts : Creative Director

Belgacom - Bee - (2008) :30 (Belgium)

bee love story

Sensoa - Sauna - (2008) :70 (Belgium)

The world's first gay

Sensoa - Words of wisdom - (2008) 1:40 (Belgium)

Advice from "the world's first gay"
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Spa Water - Resurrect - print, Bangladesh

Heinz Hot Ketchup - Instant hot - print, Belgium


Star Wars - Laser Swords - Outdoor, Belgium

Tabasco - Fire Truck Bus - Belgium.

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Jupiler - Ice Beer Poster (with real ice)


Mebucaine "When swallowing hurts" print ,Belgium

Dexia Bank - Oldtimer - (2008) :30 (Belgium)

Falling in love
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Dexia Bank - Wedding - (2008) :30 (Belgium)

Directed by Koen Mortier of Agency : Duval Guillaume Brussels Katrien Bottez (Creative Director) Peter Ampe (Creative Director) Jean-Mar

Wafels & Dinges paint the town yellow.

Sporza - The Duel - (2008): 25 (Belgium)

Subject: The Duel Date of 1st Air date : 19/03/08 Lengths: 25" - 35" Country in which shown: Belgium TV stations: Eèn - Canvas Producti
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Carlsberg creates billboard out of bottles


Hyundai - Fly - (print) Belgium


League of Blind People - A Blind Call / I'm not your father - (2008) :35 (Belgium)

League of Blind People
1 Comment - Osama bin Laden, Hitler, Saddam Hussein - print, Belgium

Osama Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein have two things in common.

MOI - The Fly (2007) 0:40 (Brussels)

Butt joke

Pure FM - The Deer Hunter (2006) 0:60 (Belgium)

Agency: Duval Guillaume, Brussels

Bazooka - Air Bag (2007) Print (Brussels)

Telenet - The fly - (2007) :30 (Belgium)

Everything looks cooler in super-slow-mo.

Breaking up with advertising...

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