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Fledge - "STUCK" short film - Belgium 2020

Belgian production company FLEDGE are feeling frustrated, because the COVID-19 lockdown means we can't do anything anymore.

WhatsApp launches its first brand campaign in the world

WhatsApp launches in Brazil its first brand campaign in the world Based on a real story, a film inspired by Carnival was launched this Thursday on

Safety Cake: the cake that can save lives

You should treat your friends like cake.
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Stella Artois - Great Beer Travels (posters) - (2019) (Belgium)

Stella Artois is a Belgian beer with more than 600 years of brewing tradition. And you know how it goes with great ideas: They travel.

Mortierbrigade turns right-wing political posters into human rights posters

The agency and Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen recycle Belgian right-wing party posters, and make them for refugees instead.

The ALS league - Swimming Pool - (2019) :30 (Belgium)

How would you feel after immersing yourself into the skin of an ALS patient for 30 very long seconds?

McRainbow - McDonald’s Belgium celebrates Gay Pride with a redesigned rainbow flag

"You get a rainbow, you get a rainbow, and you get a rainbow!" I kind of feel like an Oprah-witch has pointed her magic wand on every logo a

Carlsberg turns beer reviews into radio ads - probably the most honest radio campaign in the world.

YouTube is filled with tons of beer reviews: videos made by beer-enthusiasts from all over the world tasting beers and sharing their honest findings.

IKEA wants you to enjoy the summer while you can

IKEA "Sheep"(2018) 1:15 (Belgium)

Delhaize "Magic vegetables" (2018) 1:57 (Belgium)

ING Belgium"The Walk " (2017) :45 (Belgium)

BMW Christmas Safety Card (2017) 1:12 (Belgium)

Volvo "Tailor made safety vest" (2017) 1:05 (Belgium)

Belgian Defence - Not our problem (2017) :30 (Belgium)

Cleane Kleren "Activewear" (2017) :30 (Belgium)

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Euromelanoma.org "Skin Memories" (2017) 1:47 (Belgium)

Volkswagen "Volksparking" (2016) 1.28 (Belgium)

JCDecaux "The Mistake" (2016) 2:00 (Belgium)

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Yves Rocher "The fish gape" (2016) 1:00 (Belgium)

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The Sweden number is slowly failing, just like #Call Brussels did

I keep telling people who work in advertising to "get out of advertising", to find their inspiration elsewhere.

VW is as easy to load as it is to unload

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Duvel "90 days" (2016) 1:15 (Belgium)

VW Golf even if you get distracted.

Record bank "Get this car" (2015) 1:39 (Belgium)


Audi "Spotlight" (2015) 1:02 (Belgium)

Record Bank "Kids take over" (2015) 2:20 (Belgium)

Primus "Free spirits" (2015) 1:30 (Belgium)

IKEA - The First Wireless Bungee Jump - (2015) 3:04 (Belgium)

Delivery gets personal with PhoneAddress™

Samsung "Recharge yourself" (2015) 1:15 (Belgium)

JC Decaux "Personal Billboards" (2015) 2:00 (Belgium)

Opel "The rebirth of an old car" (2015) 3:15 (Belgium)

Lacoste - L!VE a pop-up story - (2014) 2:00 (Belgium)

VW Golf "40 years of protection" (2014) 1:00 (Belgium)

TEMA Skin Loving White loves your clothes and your skin

Neutrogena "Use Cloudscreen" (2014) 1:20 (Belgium)

Volvo detection system works before you do.

Bosch silent vacuum cleaner.

Smith & Riley's Garage "Fly" (2014) :45 (Belgium)

Smith & Riley's Garage "Travel" (2014) :45 (Belgium)


B-classic " Classical Comeback" (2014) 2:53 (Belgium)

B-Classic is a classical music festival. To connect with a younger audience, DDB Brussels created the first music video for a classic composer.

Ikea "Choose color" (2014) :50 (Belgium)

Ikea ads color to a grey Belgium.


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