The timeline of the Balenciaga ad fail saga

To keep track of everything happening in the Balenciaga saga, we've put together this helpful timeline.

While Iranian women risk their lives protesting the compulsory hijab, Mathem in Sweden runs ads with a hijab-clad model.

Adding a bit of diversity in your ads by choosing models from minorities has been a go-to move by most brands for the past decade, but it's begin
"Zoom in on that" Ulta

Ulta releases David Lopez interview discussing "Girlhood" with Dylan Mulvaney - receives prompt backlash and #BoycottUlta hashtag

When you are the leading brand with the largest market share of your niche, it makes sense to expand the market.
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Estée Lauder: "My favorite part about being a woman is living in full color."

Estee Lauder decided today to highlight one of the people working for them, namely a scientist "My favorite part about being a woman is living in

Duolingo - The Tattoo DuoOver #TattooDuoOver (2022) 1:20 (France)

DuoOver is a pun, but I'll allow it. #TattooDuoOver

Yoppie CEO releases statement regarding "bleeders", offers no apology for the term

Just yesterday we posted "Yoppie menstrual cycle care company calls its potential customers "bleeders", attracts ire"

HORNBACH - It can't be bad. Because it is made by you. (2021) :60 (Germany)

while most of the world is chasing unrealistic standards of perfection, the international autumn campaign of the European DIY store chain HORNBACH ta

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office and his Youth Council to End Gun Violence created anti-gun campaign selling active shooter insurance

On bus shelters and social media sites, an advertising campaign will begin rolling out to promote a new type of insurance: one that protects against d
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Pepsi "Live for now moments" (2017) 2:40 (USA)

Pepsi, enlists Kendall Jenner in what can only be described as the central casting music video for the social justice ethos, the resistance movement,

Häagen-Dazs makes psuedo-code headlines for San Francisco posters

Anyone traveling with BART in San Francisco is likely to spot these posters for Häagen Dazs , where the 'headline' is meant to be some sort

Pepsi rape underground posters are for "Bape" Aape brand, not rape.

In between holding his sides, laughing and wheezing, our adgrunt tipster tells us that he spotted this Pepsi & Aaape, a sub brand of Bape (A Bathi

Heckler & Koch catalog, do you see what I see?

Look, Heckler and Koch I know you make some of the blastingest kablooiest (yes, those are the scientific terms) bang-bangs (that too) in the world, bu

Is adidas racist or stupid?

Everybody's favorite German shoe company, adidas, decided the pair of JS Round House Mids with shackles would be just the thing to attract the hi

Jung von Matt explain the Lullaland screenshots: Art Director mistake. Okay....

There's an update to Faking it in social media = youtube hits? Jung von Matt has replied to Ivan : "Finally, we never intended to initiat
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Faking it in social media = the new way to get lots of youtube visits?

Here's an idea that's so halfbaked it couldn't stand on its own even if it tried. So how do you get it out to the adblogs?
none is registered with.... Godaddy


KFC Australia pulls "cricket survival guide" ad after US viewers finds it racist.

Once again, the world wide web causes a local ad to be misinterpreted abroad.

Svenska Spels JätteTriss oversized billboard a flop.


JC Penney dresses down Saatchi for fake speed dressing ad

Saatchi & Saatchi won a Cannes Bronze Lion over the weekend for their racy JC Penney Speed Dressing commercial.

Dear Sydsvenskan - I broke your billboard.

Sydsvenskan in Sweden are well known for doing crazy advertising billboards, however not all of them last... "Dear Diary....

Flatiron update: Surely this violates the Landmarks Preservation regulations?

Swedish adblog Researcher tips us to this update of the flatiron H&M story.

Starburst Sour - Prom Date (2002) - 0:15 (USA)

Methinks this dude didn't get no sumptin' sumptin' from his girlfriend that night.

ad translation bites.

In Stockholm 7-11 are currently running ads promoting their hot dogs. Someone should have told them what their headline means in french
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keep them teenagers happy?

a 16 year old boy received prozac by mail - direct marketing seeking to chill ot targeted teenagers?

Barq's - Swedish Stewardesses (CA classic) - 0:30 (USA)

The salesperson says: "Just det flickor, Bark's har sting..." and then something unintelligible and "...Sverige".

Tango - Megaphone men force a message - (1998) :10 (UK)

Miller High Life - High Life Man / Boat (1998) :30 (USA)

"This is enough to put a high life man off his lunch"

Carlsberg - I get a kick out of you (1995) 0:70 (Denmark)

Man fails at everything during date-night, because he has no Carlsberg.

Milk - Got milk? Aaron Burr - (1993) 0:30 (USA)

Peanutbutter sandwich and no milk causes issues.

Telia Minicall - Quiz Show - (1992) 0:60 (Sweden)

- "And now, ladies and gentlemen, the final quesstion." - "If our contestant give the right anwer he«s going to walk away with all of

Aalborg - Sardiner - (1992) 0:60 (Denmark)

A man runs into issues opening a can of sardines.  "Kun snapsen kan få en dåse sardiner..." Only the snaps can get a cane of sardines

Hamlet - Photobooth (1988) :60 (UK)

A man tries to get his picture taken in the photobooth, but mistimes the flash every time, ruining every shot.
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Benson & Hedges - Istanbul -(1975) 0:60 (UK)

Another spy story from Benson and Hedges.
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