We're advertising in space again

I always bring up Franquin's 1959-60 comic book masterpiece "Z comme Zorglub"  whenever a news report touts a wild idea about advertisi

Salons in UK refusing gossip magazines after Caroline Flack's suicide

Beau Boutique Salon in Kent has started a small salon revolution.
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Salon is for sale. For only $5 million.

The digital media company's sale price is just 5 million USD.

Washington Post : Democracy Dies in Darkness (2019) 1:10 (USA)

At five million per thirty seconds, this ad for the Washington Post, narrated by Tom Hanks, cost at least ten million dollars to make.
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Kraft Heinz Co's "Devour" brand buys media on Pornhub

Kraft Heinz Co.'s Devour brand took its food porn-themed Super Bowl campaign to an actual pornography site.

Lipton Ice Tea renews sponsorship of JCDecaux's CityCycle scheme in Brisbane for 7th year

Unilever’s Lipton Ice Tea renews sponsorship of JCDecaux CityCycle bike sharing scheme in Brisbane for the seventh consecutive year

Ocean launches the UK’s first DOOH roadside site in Bristol

Ocean launches the UK’s first digital out of home screen in Bristol this week.

Gawker is toxic to brands who partner with them

AdAge finally reports on GamerGate, and Alex Kantrowitz quotes an unnamed advertiser's conclusion about this mess, which much like the slow-motio

iBeacon, it's just like Minority Report but with more shopping

If you work in advertising you’ve probably heard vague and yet meaningful whisperings of this new iBeacon technology (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 to be p

3 reasons why Buzzfeed is poisoning the well.

At the risk of going against the hive mind, Buzzfeed is the biggest ad platform masquerading as social content to hit the internet since Facebook.
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Formerly bullied kids bully the Comviq ad off the air.

Daft ad film "ban" of the week, Comviq has decided to withdraw their new film "Choir" because viewers have taken offense at what t

Seek Australia buys little bits of airtime between commercials to demo claim "new job every 30 seconds"

Here's an interesting media-buy as an idea from our pals down under.

Dove - Onslaught (2007) 0:30 (USA)


Truth in advertising, part 100 - Truth in Media Buying

A British version of Truth in advertising (original 2000 posting) has made an appearance on the web.
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Blogs really are like grassroot journalists

Blogs have it made. Finally they can be taken as seriously as the "real" media moguls and old-school journalists. How do we know?

Digg alikes in the ad world

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Dove - True Colors (2006) :45 (USA)

Music: Girl Scouts of Nassau County Chorus from Long Island, New York sings "True Colors."


One morning last year, I awoke to find myself famous.
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"Idea man" invents advertising on parking stripes

The Denverpost shares a story of an ad exec with big ideas, the kind that looks for new places to put ads - before any specific communication idea - a

Banner ads tenth birthday!

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advertisments or pregverts?

After Billboards for dogs came billboards on dogs, and now humans too rent out their body as adspace.

Revolve - the New Testament as teen mag.

In an effort to brainwash , er sorry , reach teenage girls who might be "embarrassed to carry a black leather tome around"

Nissan's "Urban" Fakeout

Who's writing graphitti all over Nissan's billboards? Why it's Nissan, of course!

work for idle hands?

These ads are quite cute, an exiting new media.

advertise on your forehead

formerly a daring fashion move reserved for (bone)heads and their Union Jack Flags - Now even the posh Guardian wants you to label your forehead.

And you thought pop-up ads were annoying? Here come the web commercials.

Commercials on the web? goes offline? is closing down? Say it aint so!Where will we go for our daily fix of cutting edge commercials?

BMW Coupe - Road Curve - (1999) 0:75 (Germany)

This ad ran above or under all the other commercials in the same advertising break.

Singapore Press Holdings - XO beer (1993) Singapore

When newspapers were losing out to TV, the task was to demonstrate how newspaper advertising was not only relevant for these advertisers but essential
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