Director Johan Stahl Helms Heartwarming Spot for Cadbury Asia

Johan Ståhl recently directed “Bus Ride,” a heartwarming spot for Cadbury Chocolate.

OnePlus - OnePlus Nord CE2 "A little more than you'd expect" (2022) 1:30 (India)

Oneplus is back with a lower-end phone perfect for busy teenagers.

Verizon 5G - "The Reset" (2021) 2:00 (USA)

Don’t let lag make things weird. Reach the next level with 5G Built for Gamers.

Amazon - Smile More (2020) (USA)

Everyone in this spot is hurrying along with their day, when the Amazon app alerts them to something that they need which is on a special price.

BT Mobile "first steps" (2018) 1:00 (UK)


Pepsi Max "Live for now" (2013) 2:50 (UK)

New York Lottery - The Arrival - (2012) :30 (US)

The VFX wizards at MPC recently teamed up with Skunk directing team Ne-O via DDB NY to conjure an army of magical little blue-suited folks for a New Y

Orange - Film to go / Popcorn - (2011) (UK)

The popcorn here is a bit like the Blob, except you can eat it!

BedreBustur.DK - Mukhtars Birthday / Flash Mob

You might think we've done all the variants of hidden camera filming and flash mobbing combinations by now.

Royal Thai Army - Unity - (2009) :60 (Thailand)


Gevalia - Scuba diver - (2008) :40 (Sweden)

In 1985 the tagline "Gevalia.

Seduction on public transport

Scents make women go wild. It could be a sassy scent or a seductive one.

Gain - Bus (2006) :30 (USA)

Women are magically attracted to a man on a bus. But why?
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IWC Big Pilot - Jung von Matt advertise Pilot watches on the bus straps

'Hanging straps'

Tip Top Trumpet - Togs vs Undies - Simplifying Summer Undies (2006) 0:30 (New Zealand)

So exactly when do togs become undies? When you can't see the water. Repeat after me, togs, togs, togs, undies, togs, togs.

Malibu Rum - Bus Stop (2004) 0:30 (USA)

Discovery Channel - Antlers - long version (2004) 1:05 (USA)

What if, everyone suddenly grew antlers?

Don't jump - revisited

Bustop adverts with the same headlines!

MasterCard - Seafoam (CA classic) - 0:30 (USA)

Seafoam dress $200

Don't Jump!

Playstation - Conquered worlds / Double life - (1998) 0:60 (UK)

For years I've lived a double life. In the day I do my job. I ride the bus with the hoi-poilloi.

Pepsi - Twins / Separated at birth / Rick Moranis (1995) :30 (USA)

Eddie Krone and Hans Krone are twin brothers who were separated at birth. They reconnect with each other telepathically.

Timex - Ugly old lady (1991) :30 (USA)

This little old lady with her cute little hat, flowery dress and perfectly coiffed hair has but one problem.

Milk - Lotta Bottle - (1982) :20 (UK)

Open on a double decker red London bus and kick off the jingle "lotta bottle".

Chemstrand Acrilan - Bus Stop - (1967) :30 (UK)

"The relentless gale crashed against Rodney's steel set brow"
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