Symprove's fashion forward dresses, ‘Flatulence Frock’ and ‘Loo Roll Look’.

In September the world’s style mavens descended on London for Fashion Week. Then quickly onto Milan. And now to Paris.
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Orlebar Brown + Wham! - Present Club Tropicana (2022) :30 (UK)

With help from WHAM!

Publicis Luxe and Cartier invites everyone to explore Cartier’s vision of time.

At Cartier, time is not only what we measure but what we treasure, something to make the most of - in how it is filled and how it is represented.

Veuve Clicquot - Good Day Sunshine - brand campaign (2022) :30 (France)


Lacoste x Théo Curin I The first-ever collection conceived by a handisport athlete

Lacoste unveils its first-ever collection conceived by a disabled athlete – the Théo Curin collection

Vestiaire Collective - Catwalk / Long Live Fashion (2022) :60 (UK)

Honestly, this is the most fun I've had in ages watching an ad. Welcome to the Vestiaire Collective fashion show, where evrything is pre-loved.

The North Face SS22 - Leone / Another Dimension (2022) :30

Fueled by the desire to Never Stop Exploring, The North Face SS22 takes us on a journey into another dimension.

Burberry - Open Spaces (2021)

As the world opens up again, the campaign explores this spirit through a youthful, dreamlike lens. For the campaign film, Riccardo collaborated on th

Thom Browne - Women's & Men's fall 2021 collection starring Lindsey Vonn (2021)

Thom Browne Hits the Slopes in Fantastical Avant-Garde Film for Fall Runway 2021 Collection Produced by Drive Studios, the striking film stars US Oly

Toyota Highlander: Go All Out In Style (2020) :30 (USA)

Cat Wilson, Dawn Richard, Nadine Ellis, and Ciara Carter go all out

Dior launches new ad for Sauvage with Johnny Depp and Native Americans - get called out for appropriation.

A new teaser ad for an upcoming perfume fragrance called “Sauvage” that designer fashion house Dior bills as “an authentic journey deep into the Nativ

Telenor - "That's not real" / Telenor takes a stand for screen-time (2019) :60 (Sweden)

Swedish Telco Telenor takes a stand for screen-time There’s plenty of prejudice surrounding the screen time we spend each day.

Leo Burnett London and McDonald’s create spoof fashion brand ‘Schnuggs’ to launch spicy chicken nuggets

McDonald’s and Leo Burnett London have launched an amusing campaign called ‘Schnuggs’ celebrating the release of new Spicy Chicken McNuggets, their ho

Sephora - They / Ze / Xe - We Belong to Something Beautiful (2019) 1:40 (USA)

Sephora explains that this is their “Identify as We” campaign, which celebrates the transgender and non-binary community and "our long history in

Gucci celebrates abortion in its latest collection

As abortion debates pop up around the The United States, and the world, Gucci weighs in for profit.

Pixel 3 Night Sight – Behind the Scenes - (2019) :50 (USA)

Behind the scenes and see how Pixel 3’s Night Sight feature stands out in low lighting compared to Phone X.

Volvo "Tailor made safety vest" (2017) 1:05 (Belgium)

Anchor Light - Amy & Anna Switch Jobs (2017) (USA)

Joon "Also an airline" (2017) 1:00 (France)

Givenchy "The new Gentleman" (2017) 1:45 (USA)

IBM Watson - Marchesa / Outthink (2016) :30 (USA)

"Can we design a dress that thinks?"

Rome bans "sexist advertising" to appear within city limits.

On Monday Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino announced a new regulatory plan on advertising in the city of Rome, which will take effect in the coming days.

Aigle FW 2014: It's wild out there

New Balance "Basketball" (2013) :30 (USA)

Our workers are better than their workers at eating playing basketball and making running shoes.

New Balance "Ping Pong" (2013) :30 (USA)

Lexus IS "Change Lanes" (2013) 1:40 (USA)

Black and white fashiony extravaganza. For real? Grace Jones wants her black and white style back.
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Target - The Everyday Collection - Ravenous (2013) :30 (USA)

Target uses a combo of high-fashion flurry and a bit of wit to alert people to the fact that SuperTargets offer a full range of groceries.

Smythe - Chopping Wood & Gutting Fish with style

Canadian fashion brand Smythe is putting high fashion on the chopping block in its first-ever fashion films. Created by Toronto agency Open, and pr

Die Antwoord - Babys on fire - (2012) 6:55 - music video

Die Antword rule my world and have done everything right in this video for Baby's on Fire off their album TEN$ION.

Models in window, New York - one can practically hear them shout "Egoiste!"

The image that inspired Jean-Paul Goude to create the famous Égoïste ad? Perhaps, perhaps not, and we'll never know.

Anti Fur Coalition "There's no beauty in cruelty' - print 2011

Killing animals for their fur isn't pretty. Not in a make believe world, and not in the real world.
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Tena - Evolution - (2009) :30 (USA)

Tena touches on the taboo subject bladder protection or rather The Evolution of Bladder Protection, by showing us the evolution of women's fashio

Mudd Jeans - Passing Notes - (2009) :60 (USA)

Mechanism Digital created this 60 second to be used as two 30" spots at each end of a commercial block - so the story begins at the start of the

Libero - Photo session / Spring Collection (2008) :45

After last years fashion Show Forsman och Bodenfors take the baby out for a fashion shoot. Never work with animals or babies.

Target “Behnaz Sarafpour” (2006) :30 (USA)

“Behnaz Sarafpour”
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Dolce & Gabbana introduce the new male cleavage -

The Malcontent shows off the new Dolce ad exclaiming Sweet!.

McDonald's - Mr McDonald's - (2004) :15 (Japan)

He's suave as all get out, this Japanese version of Ronald McDonald.

Wachovia Securities - Spring Collection (2004) 0:30 (USA)

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Fruit of the Loom - Fashion Show (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

Fruity guys at a fashion show. And no, I'm not being homosexist.

Dasani - Girl You Knock Me Out (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

The Dasani girl

Chanel - Red Ridinghood Wolf- (1999) 0:60 (France)

A new beautifully designed fashion twist on an old fairytale.
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Wendy's - Soviet Fashion Show - (1992) :30 (USA)

The most awkward fashion show you'll ever see. In Russia, fashion show fashions you. Wait, what?

Vauxhall - The new Supermodel - (1993) 0:90 (UK)

"They say you're so cute...." Remember all these supermodels? 

Virginia Slims - Sweeper of the house (1988) print (USA)

"In 1920, candidate John Ward promised that if elected, he'd appoint a woman to an important post"

More - Never Settle for less - printad, 1986

"I looked for something different. And found myself with More"

Diet Slice - Style (1987) - 0:30 (USA)


Virginia Slims - Long wait for a man to light (1986), print (USA)

"Virginia Slims remembers how long a woman would have to wait for a man to light her cigarette"

Virginia Slims - Totempole / Keeper of the Teepee (1986) print, USA

"Virginia Slims remembers one of many societies where women stood head and shoulders above the men."

Virginia Slims - Women in business Fenton Falls 1903 - printad (1985)

"Virginia Slims remembers all the women who were in business in Fenton Falls in 1903"

Virginia Slims - Lumber Camp gal (1984) print (USA)

"In 1906, the cook at The Great Northern Lumber Camp thought it would be all right if she enjoyed a cigarette with the boys."

More - It's More You - 1984, print USA

It's More You

Sally Hansen - the 10 Ruby and Emerald rings come from Bulgari - printad 1982

The 10 Ruby and Emerald rings come from Bulgari

Virginia Slims - "You've come a long way baby" Ambition Suppression 1982 print USA

Myrtle Ladwig's Ambition Suppression.

More - It's more you - 1982, printad

"It's More you"

Virginia Slims - He was pardoned, she wasn't (1981) printad

"In 1908, while fleeing the Hill County Jail, convict Sid Haugen caught Sande Lee smoking a cigarette"

Yardley: Where will your cologne be when you want it most? (1980) print (USA)

Yardley introduces the cologne that lasts like a perfume: Daylight Encounter.

Virginia Slims Lights - Crush Proof Purse Pack (1980) print (USA

Virginia Slims brags about their "new crush proof purse pack" and 9 mg tar.

Virginia Slims - Lights - in the crush proof box (1980) printad

Men have over 30 brands of low tar cigarettes. You have Virginia Slims Lights."

More - "I'm More Satisfied" (1980) printads

"I'm not easily satisfied with most things, but More gives me what I want"

Virginia Slims - Professor Swabon (1979) printad

"In 1908, Professor Swabon proved that for every action there was an equal and opposite reaction."

Virginia Slims - Indian Love call / You've come a long way baby (1979) printad

"In 1902, in the midst of an Indian love call, Miss Sally surprised Mountie Bob by lighting up a cigarette."
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Revlon Charlie - Shelley Hack /Kinda young, kinda now (1977) :30 (USA)

"There's a fragrance that's here today, and they call it - CHARLIE!"

Virginia Slims - Mr. McLellan's smoked hams (1972) print (USA)

"Slimmer than the fat cigarettes men smoke"

Lee - "Get a leg up with Lee" (1970) printad

"Get a leg up with Lee"

Kotex "be new, be natural, be now and forever" - 1970 print

Anthony Muto designed the funky flower power gown in this advert.

Kent Smokes - And that's where it's at - 1969 print USA

And that's where it's at

Seats - the Doesn't Slip (1969) printad

"It really doesn't cling!"

Märchen Embroideries and Laces, Japan, 1969


Tampax tampons - Free to be whatever you do - 1969, print

Free to be whatever you do

Things happen after a Badedas bath - helicopter dame 1969 (UK)

(They say it's got something to do with the horse chestnuts.)

Silva Thins - Lower Tar -0:30 (USA) 1969

Rudi Gernreich Smirnoff fashions the breathless scene - 1968, print USA

1968 Smirnoff: Rudi Gernreich Fashions The Breathless Scene, Smirnoff

Kotex - Be alive. Be a luv. Be a lot - print, 1968

Be alive. Be a luv. Be a lot. But be sure.

Lestoil - Women of the future - 1968

"Women of the future will make the Moon a cleaner place to live"

Modess - Because - 1966 printad

At this point, we no longer even whisper what Modess is.

"Think pretty... Seamprufe does" (1966) printad

"You're a woman and Seamprufe knows it"
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Braniff Airways - End of the plain plane - (1965)

Mary Wells brought airlines and fashion together.


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