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Domclick - The King and his fortress (2020) :30 (Russia)

LEO BURNETT MOSCOW AND DOMСLIСK TOLD US HOW TO FIND AND BUY YOUR OWN “FORTRESS” In Russian they say “My home is my fortress”, much like the English id

Ikea Russia spread Swedish vowel-ignorance with their pillow-fort instructions #Stayhome

Ikea, Russia had a clever idea to give our instructions on how to build proper couch forts and tents with Ikea funiture. So far, I like this idea ...

The “Achooframe”, sneezes when it's dusty so you'll remember to call the cleaners. DOME - Russia

The Russian cleaning company DOME released a unique photo frame with a dust detector that notifies you with sneezing when it’s time to clean the apart
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Game of Thrones Crypt built in Moscow in advance of a final season

The Game of Thrones’ final is still a mystery, but we definitely need to get ready for many more deaths.

Toyota Camry "The Boxer" (2017) 1:08 (Russia)

Nike - What are girls made of? (2017) 2:00 (Russia)


Accu-Chek "Made by diabetics"3:30 (2017) (Russia)

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Cesar Russia "Miss U Mat" (2016) 1:22 (Russia)

Pedigree "pUp Syndrome" (2016) 2:00 (Russia)


End of anonymity - Art project cyberstalks people spotted on public transport

In Russia there's the fantastically creepy and unavoidable app called Findface, where you can upload an image and find that person in other image

Pepsi "Manifesto" (2016) 1:00 (Russia)

Seize the moment with Pepsi

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Pedigree "School Kids" (2015) 1:00 (Russia)

"Russians don't need visas" - nor do they need copyright

A funny thing happened on twitter today, David Patrikarakos found this snarktastic t-shirt that reads “Russians don’t need visas”. T-shirt at GUM s
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Nike Russia "Instaposters" (2015) 1:45 (Russia)

Glorix "Blood Portraits" (2015) 1:44 (Russia)

Words can Save (2015) 2:10 (Russia)


WWF "#run4tiger" (2015) :30 (Russia)

Velkopopovicky Kozel brings people back together

Connect the dots with ATROOT Management Consulting

Wokker "The power of Wokker (2014) :05 (Russia)

Wokker 'Morning and night" (2014) :15 (Russia)

Wokker "No hands" (2014) :15 (Russia)

Wokker "How to order wokker' (2014) :15 (Russia)

Wokker "Believe" (2014) :15 (Russia)

Wokker "How to eat" (2014) :05 (Russia)

Wokker "Can't wash it off" (2014) :10 (Russia)

Wokker "Magic Hat" (2014) :10 (Russia)

Wokker "Fresh ingredients" (2014) :10 (Russia)

Grolsch "Movie Unlocker" (2014) :45 (Russia)

Fenistil "Gorilla" (2014) :30 (Russia)

A simple message from RTH hair transplant service

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MTS " #Sex #hot #oily" (2014) 2:00 (Russia)

Who Cares?! "Helpless Machine" (2014) 1:40 (Russia)

"Crush The Speed" (2013) 1:30 (Russia)

Skoda "Hostel" (2013) 2:00 (Russia)

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Biting Elbows - Bad Mother fucker - (2013) (Russia)

Alka-Seltzer reassures us.

Smart "Unexpected Test Drive" (2013) 2:10 (Russia)

Irn Bru - Penguins attack Moscow Mall - (2013)

Irn Bru - Penguins attack Moscow subway - (2013)

Dancing penguins invade Russia's subway system to offer Irn-Bru and be weird.

FrutoNyanya "How" (2012) :20 (Russia)

Redd's - Angel or Demon? - (2012) :60 (Russia)

Fresh off their recently formed alliance with Harbor Picture Company, The Artery VFX has created a stunning – and very sexual – spot for Russian brand
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What is there in the darkroom? (2012) 1:45 (Russia)

Bering: Fisherman's Tale (Russia)

Trio - Squirrel hands & nut candy = bad combo - (2011)

In soviet Russia, squirrel hands bite you! This bizarre little ad which feels like the Skittles of Russia is created by Adventa Lowe and shot by Radi

Slavik Fokin - Luerzer's Archive Signed By Me

Parasailing Donkey gets TSAR treatment (ha!)

QR game scavenger hunt

Beeline - Call the Frog - (2010) :45 (Russia)

Lexus - Cheetah / Race - (2008) :60 (Russia)

Sony Vaio - Fingerprint - (2008) :30 (Russia)

Viciunai - "Laughing Bear" - (2007) :30 (Russia)

1 Comment - Elevator fart - (2009) :30 (Ukraine)

From Russia with love - guerilla insurance ads.


Budskis and Amstelikovs!

Heineken's taking Amstel and Budweiser to Russia, but it looks as if it ain't necessarily going to be an easy sell.

Tinkoff Russian Beer Commercials

Here's some Russian beer commercials. However, I can't find the "Yacht" Commercial.

flirt, squirt and sex sells?

... OR does it? Is this a case of dupliclaims - or are these just wet dreams of creatives?

Rikk Bank - Snoring - (1995) 0:45 (Russia)

An entire bank noticing someone snoring.
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