Amazon Christmas ad - Joy is made / Snowglobe (2022) 2:30 (UK)

The advert tells the story of a father recreating a life-size version of a treasured snow globe in his garden shed for his child, proving joy is somet

Mégane E-Tech - Nicole - Papa "the story lives on" (2022)

As the resident adnerd here, I had no problem recalling the "Nicola, Papa" adverts of the 90s, so as I watched this I Was actually hoping fo

RED Center - In the Name of Honor- (2022) 3:00 (Denmark)

This is really well cast, as the actress's beautiful face can carry so many emotions in the literal blink of her eyes. She loves her father.

Phizer / Prevnar 13® - My Hero / Superhero - (2021)

A father gives his son everything, including the inspiration to be a proper superhero.

Oreo - Proud Parent / Going Home (2021) 2:57 (USA)

Coming home with the serious long-term girlfriend is a nerve-wrecking deal for this young lesbian.

Doritos - The Best Gift - (2021) 2:15 (Mexico)

Directed by Nico Perez Veiga this short film tells the story based on real-life events.

Chase - The first step to knowing money matters (2020) :45 (USA)

A father teaches his son about banking by giving him his own Chase account, card, and app that helps him set saving goals. 

Repatha - 'Father of the Bride' (2019) :60 (USA)

They do the father bride dance to a song by K.C. and Sunshine Band
First Shave

Gillette - First shave, for transgender son (2019) .30 (USA)

"Whenever, wherever, however it happens – your first shave is special."

Sunsilk 'Hair Talk' / Rock Kwanlada (2018) 4:33 (Thailand)

Get the kleenex, it's a Thai ad and we're going to get misty-eyed!

ELISA ”Stay Connected” (2017) 2:22 (Finland)

McDonald's McCafé - "I like guys" (2016) 1:30 (Taiwan)

A young man has a heart-to-heart with his father at a McCafé.

Coca Cola Life - First Kiss -(2013) :60 (Argentina)

A beautifully shot selection of first kisses is shared here,

Barcleys - You vs Unconditional love (2013) :(UK)

Guy Shelmerdine from Smuggler directed this demanding little brat, sorry - Bundle of Joy - for BBH shilling a rather clever savings account from Barcl

Thai Life Insurance - Silence of Love - (2011) 3:00 (Thailand)

Thai ads turn me into a puddle of sobs, or a puddle of laughter.

H2OH! - Braids / Boyfriend at family dinner (2010) :60 (Argentina)

The boyfriend is finally coming to dinner, and the besotted teenager daughter can't help but fiddle with her pigtails as she looks dreamingly at

Hydro Texaco - Fars job - (2001) 0:60 (Denmark)

kiddo at the racetrack

Morgan Stanley - Daughters (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

Wrangler - Blair & Barry Burk - Pretty Tight (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

A father and son in the land where a brand is a white-hot hunk of metal.

K-Bank - Father & Daughter - (1999) - 0:40 (Norway)

Diet Pepsi - Wedding (1997) - 0:30 (USA)

A small wedding

Levi's - Drug store / Watch pocket / Condom - (1995) 0:60 (UK)

This is why there's a tiny front pocket on your Levi's - technically for pocket watches but misused ever since. 

Renault Clio - Nicole et Papa / Motorcycle date - (1994) :30 (UK)

Nicole (Estelle Skornik) gets dressed up for another date, and the silly suitor arrives on a motorbike.

Allied Dunbar - Pregnancy test / There may be trouble ahead (1994) :60 (UK)

Desperately looking for his razor a father stumbles across a pregnancy test in the bathroom.

Renault Clio - Nicole et papa / Makeover (1994) :30 (UK)

Nicole (Estelle Skornik) gets a makeover in order to meet Vincent Cassel as the boyfriend and ambiguously situated Papa gets to intone his one word in

Renault Clio - Nicole et Papa / Sneaking out for a date (1994) (UK)

Nicole (Estelle Skornik) sneaks out for a date, and papa doesn't mind because he has a second Renault Clio and he's going to get his date

Renault Clio - Nicole et Papa / Skiing (1993) (UK)

Nicole (Estelle Skornik) sneaks off while papa takes the skis downhill, but he catches her. Nicole! Papa? Kablammo. Good thing nobody got hurt.

Sundhedsstyrelsen - Far og Son - (1992) 0:30 (Denmark)

Gillette Atra Plus - The Best a Man Can Get - long (1989) - 0:60 (USA)

"From Father to son, it's what we've always done!" Scenes from weddings, offices, Wall Street, and pilots going to work.

American Express - Far from home (1987) :30 (USA)

Daughter goes off to college so dad gives her an American Express card. They can help when you are far from home.

PDFA Anti-Drug - "I learned it by watching you, dad!" (1987) :30 (USA)

Dad finds his kids drug stash and confronts him.

Colombian Coffee - Heritage - (1982) :30 (USA)

It is no wonder a country so rich in traditions grows the richest coffee in the world.

The Great Gassers Toy Racers - tune 'em up (1973)

"Race 'em along with your son" was the jingle.
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