Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense thanks Sweden for weapons with patriotic ABBA & IKEA video. All it lacks is meatballs.

An interesting thing about war, is the commercial arts and propaganda produced during it.

Liberalerna / The Liberals - Frihet måste försvaras / Fredom must be defended (2022) :90 (Sweden)

Election film for the Liberal party 2022.
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Badland: Sweden Democrats copy a 30 year old beer ad for their election song - edit by edit.

We have an interesting IP tiff in the political advertising landscape in Sweden right now.

General Motors - No Way Norway! Will Ferrell (2021) :60 (USA)

Will Ferrell can't deal with the fact that Norway has more EV's per capita than the US, so he enlists Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina to travel

Ikea Russia spread Swedish vowel-ignorance with their pillow-fort instructions #Stayhome

Ikea, Russia had a clever idea to give our instructions on how to build proper couch forts and tents with Ikea funiture. So far, I like this idea ...

SAS - "What is Scandinavian? Nothing" 45 second edit launched as controversy continues.

All ads are eventually edited down to TV-slot length, so here is the 45 second version of the SAS ad "What is Scandinavian? Nothing"

Untold stories of the Sami people: "Between two worlds" photographed by Joel Marklund

Being a pro photographer from Sweden, Joel Marklund has always been fascinated by the #Sami people: a community that have inhabited the local lands of
Jenny Nyströms "tomten"

@Sweden on Twitter shuts down after seven years of being curated by random Swedes

After seven years, @sweden the twitter account will tweet for the last time on September 30.

Alternative for Sweden (AfS) - A call for help to the American people - 1:20 (Sweden)

This ad has taught me something, it's perfectly legal for citizens of other countries to donate to a political party in Sweden. I had no idea!

.@Sweden protects "freedom of speech" by blocking 14,400 supposed Nazis on Twitter. Removes block after pushback

The famously controversial PR account for Sweden on Twitter, is once again grabbing news headlines around the world.
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Wasa "Staying Fit the Swedish Way" (2014) 1:30 (USA)

Wasa Sweden has decided that the best way to advertise crisp bread is to shove Swedish stereotypes and some baby-CGI into a yoga-class.

Tempur-Pedic "Love Birds" (2013) :20 (USA)


Gevalia wants to teach Americans how to "fika"


Rekorderlig Swedish School - How it all began - (2012)

Rekorderlig Cider, a cider brand that comes in all sorts of flavors and alcohol-levels but isn't Snakebite material, has launched their brew in t

Rekorderlig Swedish School - "Knullrufs" - (2012)

Rekorderlig Swedish School - Ice Water Dip - (2012)

"Wanna go again?"
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Rekorderlig Swedish School - Grooming - (2012)


Kalles Kaviar - Tokyo taste test - (2012) :30 (Sweden)

They say that "Kalles Kaviar" is the most Swedish thing there is, salty fish-roe and tomato-paste in a colorful tube.

Gevalia - Johan / Motorcade - (2012) :60 (USA)

Gevalia want Americans to leave that standard cup of Joe alone and have a cup of Johan instead

Say Ja to the amazing Svädish diet, or just laugh at the stereotype-ad

"Say Ja to the amazing Swedish diet" these girls sing.

Folkbildningsförbundet / Berghs - "UnSwedish" / Osvenskt

Folkbildningsförbundet, The Swedish Adult Education Association (SAEA), has launched a schwag campaign called "Typiskt Svenskt" (Typically S

Abba / Kalles Kaviar - Flytväst - (2010)


Please Coke, It's Christmas without your help, stop competing with Apotekarnes Julmust.

Remember way back in 2003? Coke still doesn't get it - Julmust rules. Yes, it's that time of year again.

IKEA Germany - "Midsommar in Schweden"

According to the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, IKEA in Germany has been forced by the head offices of the furniture giant in Sweden to remove three TV

Ice cream names cause debate - are the names racist or Nazi codewords?

GB Glace launched a new flavor of a classic ice-cream the other week, and were promptly accused of racism.

Coke might just finally get it...... Julmust rules!


Coke still doesn't get it. Julmust rules.

Volkswagen Champ - Woodshop - 0:30 (Sweden) 2003

Hey, check out what I made in woodshop class. A replica of the new shopsign for the Golf Champ. "..new golf champ. everything included..

ICA Handlarna - Tomten kommer (2001) - 0:30 (Sweden)

Roger: I was thinking that when Santa comes, he first gets a little Christmas ham, and then he can sit over here and speak to the children.

Norrland's Guld - Schysst. Schysst. Jätteschysst / Kusiner från Stockholm (1995) :45 (Sweden)

A man writes in his diary "I had my cousins from Stockholm, visiting last week" his voice over reads, in a thick northern accent.

SJ (Swedish railroads) - Book your Christmas ticket (1993) :30 (Sweden)

A man spends what looks like the saddest Christmas eve ever alone in his kitchen.

Pripps Blå - "Blå Blå Vindar och vatten" / Blue Blue winds and waters (1993) :30 (Sweden)

There are two things true about Swedish summers - they are full of mosquitos and Pripps Blue beer ads ads situated near water.

Carlsberg - Svensker - (1992) 0:45 (Denmark)

Scandinavians love to tease each other.

Pripps Blå Klass 1 - Dina färger var blå / Your colors were blue variant / Midsummer (1991) :30 (Sweden)

Just like in prior variants, the Tommy Nilsson song plays  "Dina färger var blå" (Your colors were blue), as we see a group of young friends

Old Milwaukee - Swedish Bikini Team / "Golden Bikinis" (1991) :30 (USA)

This short-lived beer campaign, it only ran for seven months, had a huge cultural impact. 

Pripps Blå Klass 1 - Dina färger var blå / Your colors were blue (1991) :30 (Sweden)

An edited version of the song "Dina färger var blå" (Your colors were blue) by Tommy Nilsson. 

Old Milwaukee - Swedish Bikini Team "Surf Bikinis" / The Shark Fins (1991) :30 (USA)

"It doesn't get any better than this..." Doug Patterson was wrong.

Socialdemokraterna - Kan vi bry oss om varandra? (1988) :75 (Sweden)

People tell the camera what they want.

SAP / Socialdemokraterna - Why should we care about each other? - (1985) :75 (Sweden)

Back when Socialdemokraterna were still called Socialdemokratiska arbetarpartiet - Reklamfilm SAP Varför ska vi bry oss om varandra?

Smör - Tomten / The gnome / Midsommar (1973) :60 (Sweden)

To understand this ad, you must first understand what a Swedish "tomte" is. A tomte is sort of like a gnome, who lives on the farm/homest

MER - Dalkullan / The girl from Dalarna (1971) :30 (Sweden)

As the men play traditional fiddle songs wearing traditional dress, the camera pans over to the girl by the fireplace who in her broad Dalarna accent

Borateem - House keep, Mom and Laundry man - (1970)

"Sure, I could bleach, but I'd rather Borateem thank you"

Gillette - Swedish lady barber - 0:30 (USA) 1969

Gillette spoiler beats a Swedish lady barber any day.

Pepsodent Tandkräm - Family toothpaste with fluoride (1966) (Sweden)

Did you know that one in a thousand children in Sweden has teeth issues?
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