Sex doesn't recall.

Well Scientific American is regurgitating that old report that shows "both violent and sexual content impaired memory of ads for men and women of all ages".

Television advertisers will pay immense sums of money to ensure a captive audience. A 30-second spot during the Super Bowl, for example, can cost upward of $2 million, but it may be viewed by more than 130 million potential buyers. If viewers don't remember the commercial, however, it is not money well spent. Now research published in the June issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology suggests that advertisers may want to rethink where they place their spots. According to the report, viewers of TV shows with sexually explicit subject matter are less likely to recall commercials than are people who watch programming devoid of sexual content.

Bushman and Bonacci are unsure why, exactly, people miss out on commercials if they have been viewing sexy or violent shows. It's possible that people focus on the sex and violence, thereby decreasing the amount of attention they can devote to commercials. Alternatively, sexual or violent content can spark sexual or violent thoughts that may interfere with watching commercials observantly. Whatever the cause, the findings may give advertisers pause. "It is unlikely that moral appeals from parents and other concerned citizens will influence the TV industry to reduce the amount of violence and sex on television," the authors conclude. "The bottom line--profits--actually determines what programs are shown on television. If advertisers refused to sponsor them, violent and sexually explicit TV programs would become extinct."

The moral of the story is, place your ad among the sports, not on sex in the city.
The report says nothing about sexual or violent content in ads impairing the memory recall of the shows around them.

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