Draft/FCB recruitment video on youtube pisses off Draft/FCB people.

Youtube user ninaaldredge (*) is in trouble for posting the Draft/FCB recruitment video to youtube. She posted it there, and tipped adscam's George, to which she soon got an email response from Draft/FCB which she also sent to George, see: DRAFT/FCB'S RECRUITMENT VIDEO REARS ITS UGLY HEAD... AGAIN!

You should understand the context of this video before sending it anywhere. it's not top secret as we show this to our clients and suppliers, as well as potential recruits, clients and even other agencies. However, you should have asked my permission before you rip it off and posted it on a public blog to be ridiculed by people without knowing the context."

Here's a tip to Kestrel Lee who (allegedly) sent that email, just flag the video at youtube as "infringes my copyright" (which it does if Nina has no rights to post it) and don't email people about it, you're just making it worse. Though maybe that's the idea? Let's see how long this stays up for, flagged and removed in 5...4...3...

* Nina Aldridge runs a facebook group called "Fuck Howard Draft" - not the wisest choice of penpals.

Oh well, it's already gone, that didn't last long!
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How quaint. Employee leaks internal stuff, gets pissed when it roams the web? What was he thinking sending that film to her?

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This is why everyone starts their emails with "you didn't hear this from me... but.."

purplesimon's picture

Dull in the extreme. I guess that's why they didn't want anyone seeing it outside of the agency.

Chest-thumping in public never looks good.

Also, I was trying to find a real sentence that didn't include some meaningless jargon-led nonsense in anything that came out of their mouths.

I'd worry less about the person who leaked it than I would about the actual content of the clip.

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"we're sorry, this video is no longer available". I guess they took your advice and got it off of youtube.

Dabitch's picture

Ah, I wondered how long that might take. So, lets use the most annoying 'feature' of youtube and link to the OTHER COPIES.



(Disclaimer - this is what bugs me about youtube. Since the copyright holder needs to do the actual work of keeping their film off youtube, and anyone can upload anything, it become a game of whack-a-mole where the copyright holder wastes their time getting their videos off youtube. This is fucked up people.)

purplesimon's picture

I'll try again!

I don't like YouTube for many things as the quality just isn't up to the job.

What I am liking is the use of the annotations to create some neat ideas.

Like this:

And this:

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Once it's ON the web you can never get it OFF the web. Unless I NEED it of course.

purplesimon's picture

Darn it! The spam filter got me again :)

Nope... Now it's got me twice!

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dangit, I need to rewrite that whole thing so I can exclude people from ever having it tag them

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I got as far as "Return on Ideas"..."wholistic offering" ... what's the name of this mob again...W.A.N.K?