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Wunderman Thompson & Unilever’s LUX Hack Virtual Assistants to Answer Back to Sexist Comments

As a brand that aims to empower women to fight against everyday sexism, LUX wants to call out the unquestioned nature of these exchanges and start a c

PG One and Vicks Honour Doctors and Healthcare Workers with the Moving Story of Dr Bhosale through the #TouchOfCare Campaign

Partnering with Vicks in its pledge to keep Dr Bhosale’s dreams of building a children’s hospital alive, PG One captures the tale of selfless sacrific

Ogilvy promotes Arvind Srivastava to Chief Strategy Officer for Asia

Srivastava will take on the role previously held by Benoit Wiesser who will be transitioning to a new role in Europe

HEINEKEN - The Driver's Fridge (2020) case study (Singapore)

Thirsting for a cold one before driving? Hold our beer.
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Carousell unveils bold new logo and brand identity across Asia

Carousell, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Asia, today unveiled a fresh new look which includes a revamped logo, brand positioning and visu

One Year On, And Half A Million Rohingya Children Are Still In Makeshift Shelters In Dire Need Of Help

BRAC and Texel Foundation urge companies and individuals to not forget the children of the Rohingya crisis

How did a non functioning app end up on the Cannes Lions shortlist?

In the Cannes Lions promo and activation shortlist the judging rules are simple: they're judged on 20% strategy; 30% idea; 20% execution; and 30%

Lenovo "Light & Seek" (2015) 1:32 (Singapore)

Ikea - The Shining - (2014) :90 (Singapore)

Ikea - The Shining - (2014) :90 (Singapore)

Ikea "Frank The Cosplayer" (2014) 2:00 (Singapore)


Crisis Relief Singapore - Liking ins't helping / Flood / War / Earthquake

"Liking isn' helping" yells this grunge font that seems straight from the 90s.

Tiger Beer - "Game Time" 1- (2013) : (Singapore)


Y.R.G.Care - the Condom Cage


Alfa Romeo - Fetus - print, Singapore.

Maglite - Aliens / Sunglasses - print, Singapore

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Olay - Peter Pan - print, Singapore

Axe - Sauce / Saucy - (2008) :30 (Singapore)

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UMobile 018 - Henna - (2008) :30 (Singapore)


P&G Oil of Olay - Clock - print, Singapore

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Unicef - Donation Well - ambient, Singapore

Anything & Whatever soft drinks - Vending machines

GNC Ginko Biloba - Page Numbers - print, Singapore

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The Economist - Red Hotels - (poster) Singapore


New Bird's Nest - Too Sweet - (2008) :15 (Singapore)

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Navy - War of two cities - (2008) :60 (Singapore)


Durex - Balloon sex - (2007) print (Singapore)


Sony Bravia Asia Pacific - Threads (2007) 0:60 (Singapore)

Mitsubishi Grandis - Lost - Print, Singapore

Levis 'second skin' campaign

Nokia - Justin (2006) 0:60 (Singapore)

Nokia - Oroma (2006) 0:60 (Singapore)

Nobody reads long copy anymore. Here's why.

T: You always talk about the importance of copy.When you are flicking through a magazine, for example, you see a lot of images, and you keep flicking.


One morning last year, I awoke to find myself famous.

Panadol - "Bushes" / one is enough

One is enough.

Magnolia - mango milk - 0:20 (2004) (Singapore)


Singapore agency wins 2003 Summit Creative Awards Top Prize!

Vibes Communications Singapore Takes Top International Creative Award. Vibes Communications won the Best of show and the Judges choice award in the
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For the creative who has everything

Paragraph type: Text & HTML The book Cutting Edge advertising has found it's way here thanks to Neil French, who wrote the foreword, and

Singapore Cancer Society - If only women paid as much attention to their breasts as men do - (1997)

This cheeky ad from the Singapore office of the Leo Burnett Company won the 1997 New York Festivals sponsored Grand Awards for best public service ann

Singapore Press Holdings - XO beer (1993) Singapore

When newspapers were losing out to TV, the task was to demonstrate how newspaper advertising was not only relevant for these advertisers but essential
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