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Fruit of the Loom - Drums (2006) :30 (USA)

Girls in underwear truly dance to a different beat!

Agency: The Richards Group

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what the hell is that "fruit" on the right? the garnish of the loom?

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I asked them about that back in 2005. Here was their reply:
It is our leaf character.
Thank you for writing.

Teresa *****
Consumer Services
Fruit of the Loom, Inc.
Now I know a leaf ain't typically considered a fruit, but I guess that's if you go all literal on their asses. I guess the word "fruit" can also refer to yield, like in their name - Fruit of the Loom. If you look at their logo, I guess they had to choose between the leaf things or have a third grape-ish looking character - those gooseberries/currants. Legend has it that the leaves are actually fig leaves, which back in Adam'n'Eve-type times covered the same parts of the body that their underwear does today - but FOTL will only call them "leaves" whenever people inquire about it. (Some have also speculated that they were tobacco leaves.) I think they like to leave things a bit mysterious to keep folks like you and me thinking about their brand. Guess it's working!

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I work on this account.

Ok, the leaf guy used to actually be a cluster of Boysenberries.

Then FOTL decided maybe it was a little too similar to the grape

cluster so they made him a yellow leafy "garnish".

But then kids thought he looked like lasagna, so now he's green leaves.

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Thank you so much. I've been going mental thinking that I did indeed see boysenberries in the FOTL back in the early eighties, and now there's this leafy thing going on. Yeay!

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Wow, what an abundance of lovely ladies just dancing in their beautiful bras and panties, they have the most gorgeous dancing tummies and beautiful bellybuttons.