Hornbach - Let nature take its course (2023) :60 (Germany)

It's spring again and you know what that means - gardening!

OREO & Xbox & Saatchi & Saatchi – OREO and Xbox turn cookies into a whole new gaming experience.

In 2023, OREO is partnering with Xbox to create an unmissable activation that will unlock playfulness in real life.

The Glitch – Wie fühlt sich Alzheimer an / How does Alzheimer's feel? (2022) 2:21 (Germany)

This video takes a moment, because it needs to create the atmosphere and a full understanding of what it's like living with Alzheimer's.

KFC Germany apologizes for Kristallnacht promotion

KFC Germany sent an app alert on Wednesday: "It's memorial day for Kristallnacht!

Adidas fan make it very clear that they have dropped Ye with this ad

A very simple image, just saying BYE

RIMOWA - “Ingenieurskunst” / “The Art of Engineering” / Daft Punk around the world

New campaign by Anomaly seamlessly merges brand and product in balletic marriage of materials, manufacturing and aesthetics Soundtracked by Daft
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German Cancer Aid makes the world’s first UV warning beach flag

Berlin creative agency Heimat has worked with German Cancer Aid to create the world's first Sun Warning Flag - a dedicated flag and warning syste

HORNBACH builds the world’s first ‘Sneakerpool', which looks like adidas x 43einhalb ZX 10000 "Joint Path" sneakers.

HORNBACH DIY Store has created the world’s first ‘Sneakerpool'- an XXL pool shaped like a pair of HUGE cult status adidas x 43einhalb ZX 10000 &q

Burger King created the Pregnancy Whopper / schwangerschaftswhopper - for pregnant women with cravings.

Burger King® is finally debunking the myth surrounding pregnancy cravings with a representative survey among pregnant women and mothers in Germany.

HORNBACH Scary Story „Dung in the dark“ (2022) :15 (Germany)

“We see every new campaign as an opportunity to add a new remarkable chapter to the HORNBACH brand book for their customers,” continues Thomas Schnait

HORNBACH - Shear fright - (2022) :15 (Germany)

Scary Story „Shear fright“

Scary story – Der Rechen der Nacht (2022) :15 (Germany)

A horror story with a rake. 

Come to HORNBACH. Before your garden does. (2022) 2:14 (Germany)

Take care of your garden. Or you'd better hide your car keys.

Samsung - The spider and the window / "Love hurts" (2022) Germany

The spider and the window

Kärcher - Matter of fact Vacuum Cleaner - case study (2022)

Vacuum Cleaner

DocMorris - The workouts / take care (2021) - Germany

An older man wakes up one morning, determined to start a rather peculiar workout routine.

Ikea "Endlich zu Hause" - says goodbye to Angela Merkel in full page newspaper ad (Germany)

IKEA, the Swedish flat-pack furniture king, says goodbye to Angela Merkel in a full-page newspaper ad that ran in Germany.

PENNY - The Wish / What do you want for Christmas, Mom? (2021) 3:30 (Germany)

The direction and cinematography of this ad are exceptional. A young man asks his mother what she wants for Christmas, and she tells him.

M-sense Migräne has their logo copied by Facebook / Meta

No sooner had Facebook announced their "meta" rebranding before the internet exploded in memes mocking the new name, and new logo.

HORNBACH - It can't be bad. Because it is made by you. (2021) :60 (Germany)

while most of the world is chasing unrealistic standards of perfection, the international autumn campaign of the European DIY store chain HORNBACH ta

Cresta team takes control at Lurzer’s Archive

Lürzer’s Archive, the pioneering world-famous review of creativity, has a new owner. Creative Standards International, who also own the global crea

Anomaly Berlin scores top female talent - Azsa West joins as ECD from W+K + Nadine Müller-Eckel as Head of Strategy


Nivea - Back Home - (2021) 2:00 (Germany)

Paul Arden said, "Music is 90% of your commercial", and there the beautiful but cloying song is overpowering the performances in this ad. 

HORNBACH – Make room for yourself (2021) :45 (Germany)

The difference is that you have to make small things in order to make big things!

Die Bundesregierung - The Sachsen front, winter 2020 (2020) :95 (Germany)

Anton Lehmann is being interviewed, sometime in the future about his "Einsatz" at the front, during the winter of 2020.

Berlin Tourism pulls middle finger ad aimed at anti-maskers.

The ad got the pearl-clutchers screaming and a ton of earned media, which is what it was designed to do.

HORNBACH – It seems impossible. Until you do it. (2020) 45 (Germany)

No matter how big the challenge, HORNBACH shows that you can make it if you just start.

Deutsche Telekom “Billie Eilish x Telekom: What We Do Next” (2020) 2:00 (Germany)

I am clearly not the target market, as this is so obviously made for, and stars, teenagers

HORNBACH - Biodiversity starts in your garden (2020) :40 (Germany)

Copulating insects stir passion for spring and garden projects. Nothing like a spring garden to bring out the friskiness in all sorts of creatures.

HORNBACH – Every project brings you closer. (2019) 1:15 (Germany)

An ode to the one true love in the life of real DIYers: Their most faithful tool.

S-Type - Waiting (official music video) (2019) 2:47 (Germany)

Violence & hopelessness are gilded with the promise of youth in director Adi Halfin’s video collaboration with photographer Si Wachsmann.

Hornbach - So riecht das Frühjahr / This is what spring smells like (2019) :45 (Germany)

Hornbach knows what spring smells like. It smells like sweaty men doing difficult landscaping jobs, and fixing up the house.

HORNBACH - How spring smells. (2019) :60 (Germany)

HORNBACH and Heimat start the garden season with a blithe portion of madness by bringing the special smell of spring to life through communication.

Designed to be built, not bought: The HORNBACH WERKSTÜCK Edition 002. Designed by Yo Shimada. Crafted by you.

European DIY chain HORNBACH teams up with a second globally renowned designer – Yo Shimada from Japan - to continue to make exclusive design accessibl

HORNBACH gives toilets a voice with an installation / experiential campaign

It’s one of the last taboos, so leave it to the German nation to dive headfirst into… toilets.

Ikea "Marry Harry' (2018) 1:00 (Germany)

Pro Wildlife - "Any job is better than being a tourist attraction." Elephant, Tiger - print, Germany

Berlin, 4th May 2018: Wild animals take the jobs that humans don’t want in a twisted new print campaign by agency AvL/SE for nature conservation organ

HORNBACH - ‘Sweat it Out - (2018) 1:05 (Germany)

t may still feel like winter, but today is officially the first day of spring – and to celebrate this, DIY superstore chain HORNBACH launches a campai

Agency HEIMAT's 'Lounge Chair' - a uniquely crafted campaign for HORNBACH

Creative agency HEIMAT and HORNBACH partner with world-class designer and architect SIGURD LARSEN to create something new and rather wonderful: the WE

Audi "Wind" (2017) 1:20 (Germany)

Otto "Better together" (2017) 3:00 (Germany)

HORNBACH- Smashing the Cliches (2017) :445 (Germany)

A manifesto against female roles and stereotypes. The motto: "We never said it would be easy“.

Blush Lingerie - For every woman. We mean every. - OOH Germany 2017

"For every woman. We mean every." reads the Blush lingerie billboard featuring a bearded man in silky secrets.

Orange "The data collector" (2017) 1:56 (Germany)

Hornbach "Regret nothing" (2017) 1:07 (Germany)

adidas "break free" (2016) 1:39 (Germany)

Der Spiegel cover: Trump beheads statue of Liberty - twice

This Der Spiegel cover caused a lot of reactions today, it practically filled my entire Twitter feed all morning.

Audi "The comeback" (2016) 1:26 (Germany)

Hornbach - Your project only belongs to you (2016) :60 (Germany)

Aaaaah Hornbach.

Nike "Hard Work Wins" (2016) 1;00 (Germany)

Bubbles "Lion destruction" (2016) 1:48 (Germany)

Metro "The daily catch" (2016) :53 (Germany)

Auxmoney - “Bike” - (2016) :60 (Germany)

VW Side Assist shows you everything.

HSV Safetyvideo Emirates Airlines (2016) 1:47 (USA)

Refugees Welcome: "Search Racism. Find truth." (2016) case study (Germany)

FCB Zurich partnered with the organisation Refugees Welcome to create “Search racism. Find truth.” youtube pre-roll campaign.

Zoo Frankfurt – Holoquarium Hologram print ad (2016)


BMW "Carnapping" (2016) 2:00 (Germany)


"Check it before it's removed" Breast cancer awareness campaign on Facebook plays with rules

DDB Berlin has created a breast cancer awareness campaign meant to be shared, and censored, on social media.

Swiss Life "Retirement Trainees" (2016) 2:36 (Germany)


(SPEC) Johnnie Walker - Dear Brother - (2015) 1:30 (Germany)

Aproto - Getaway "2015" :30 (Germany)

GACH "Dead Air" (2015) 2:00 (Germany)

Harley Davidson - Inner Child - (2015) 2:27 (Germany)

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Dressman challenges the "perfect men" Calvin Klein stereotype in a "Dove real beauties" copycat.

Forsman and Bodenfors in Sweden has done today what Ogilvy Düsseldorf did ten years ago, a simple "Dove real beauties" like spoof ad, but wi

Mercedes-Benz "Inspiration" (2015) 1:00 (Germany)

Straight Magazine "Angela Merkel" (2015) :23 (Germany)

AS&S Radio "#8millionemotionen" (2015) 1:27 (Germany)

Powerade - Workout Billboard - (2015) :60 (Germany)


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