Type Directors Club Announces Global “Type Drives Communities” Virtual Conference

The Type Directors Club (TDC) announced the launch of Type Drives Communities, a global conference that will explore the ways typography is used to f

Adland's Podcast ep 4: Ray Larabie - the prince of fonts

Everyone has seen something that Ray Larabie has done, even if they might not know his name.
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AIDES "Love exists" (2017) 1:25 (France)

Pissjar Sans - a font made from piss (literally)

As they were adding their final touches to their new album Apathy and Cheap thrills the Swedish punk bad Pissjar figured they needed something extra f

Buckler non alcoholic - Ceiling fan, Tattoo, Facebook - print, Puerto Rico

Young & Rubicam Puerto Rico pull no punches when they advertise alcohol-free beer.

Not My Type, Helvetica Cookies and sexism in PR posts

Like our mate Bill of make the logo bigger says; but wait...

You'll read my, You'll read my, You'll read my Neutraface: Ode to a font. (set to Pokerface)

I lay it out like they do in magazines check out this typeface it's like smoking nicotine (I love it)

Toyota - IQ Font - When driving becomes writing - (2009)

Two typographers ( Pierre & Damien / plmd.me ) and a pro race pilot (Stef van Campenhoudt) collaborated to design a font with a car. The car move

Pilo font now available at Veer.

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