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Microsoft - Outlook.com - Get going (2013) (USA)

Microsoft relaunches outlook, now as a webmail with features like sweep.
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Toyota Corolla - Monica gas station explosion - (2012) :30 (USA)

In another Toyota Corolla story, we find Monica. Monica has decided to make a quick pit stop for gas... but it looks like she'll have to find a

Zona Jobs - Grandma - (2012) :90 (Argentina)

Watch out for Zombie Grandma, she keeps coming back for more.

Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest - Hillbillies part 2 - (2011) Sweden

"TOO MANY LIKES!" reads the sign before they blow the man up.

Fat Boy Slim - Gangster Trippin' - (1998) music video

Roman Coppola wrote the script stating simply: "blow stuff up" And stuff is exploding, multiple angles, slow motion, tables, fridges, eve
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