Innocent drinks asks "what is okay to say?" on trans issues, get enough backlash to delete their entire tweet thread.

Innocent drinks are your yummy fancy juice and smoothie mixes that we all have become fans of, as it's easy fruit, vitamins, and just plain good
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Adidas models "women's" pride swimsuit, on a male model. What happened to Unisex?

Here's a crazy idea, adidas, if you want your pride swimsuit to be worn by either sex, why don't you just dust off the old "unisex"
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Gay bars boycott Bud Light after Anheuser-Busch InBev's "anti-transgender actions and statements"

The never ending Bud Light saga has yet another update.

Bud Light offers distributors free beer and change in ad direction in response to backlash over Dylan Mulvaney promotion

In Swedish we have a very odd idiom that translates to: "Now you've shat in the blue cabinet."

LGBTQ group The Human Rights Campaign urges Bud Light to reaffirm support for trans community amid backlash over Dylan Mulvany partnership

Anheuser-Busch gets called out for weak response to trans influencer backlash - HRC says 'be more than just liquid courage!'"

Dylan Mulvaney as spokesperson for Nike women and Bud Light cause backlash.

Dylan Mulvaney's agents over at CAA are working hard for their money.

United Airlines trans flight attendant featured in ad died by suicide: ‘Sorry I could not be stronger’

Kayleigh Scott posted a suicide note on Instagram and Facebook around 2:30 a.m.
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Estrid - For Human Beauty (2023) :50 (UK)

Every single person in this ad is an activist of some sort, and a model, author, podcaster, content-creator, illustrator, and award-winning too, natur

Seafolly releases statement about the Deni Todorovič backlash.

Seafolly releases statement

Non-binary model Deni Todorovič posing for Seafolly women's swimwear sparks backlash

In a move that has left many scratching their heads, Seafolly has tapped non-binary model Deni Todorovič to be the face (and body) of their latest cam

In response to Hershey's "Her for She" the Dailywire launches Jeremy's chocolate binary

A few days ago Hershey's Canada released this year's version of their "Her for She" campaign,

For International women's day Hershey's "Her for she" - where he is a she (2023) (Canada)

Here's a new twist on the Hershey's HER for SHE chocolate bars, her for she where he is a she.

Dylan Mulvany confirms that Tampax donated tampons to them.

After countless emails and phonecalls to Procter&Gamble's press department, who apparently don't do any work at all else they would have

J&B - “She” / “She, un cuento de J&B” (2022) 3:00 (Spain)

This film follows an old man as he becomes quite engrossed in a new hobby. Makeup, ad its application.

MAC Cosmetics launch makeup edit with Joseph Harwood and donate £50,000 to Mermaids which is currently under statutory inquiry

MAC Cosmetics Launch Inclusive Makeup Edit by Joseph Harwood (He, She, They) and Donate £50,000 to Mermaids Charity

Dylan Mulvaney has a paid partnership with Haus Labs, Lady Gaga's brand.

Dylan Mulvaney has a paid partnership with Haus Labs, Lady Gaga's brand.
"Zoom in on that" Ulta

Ulta releases David Lopez interview discussing "Girlhood" with Dylan Mulvaney - receives prompt backlash and #BoycottUlta hashtag

When you are the leading brand with the largest market share of your niche, it makes sense to expand the market.
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Virgin Atlantic unveils "updated gender identity uniforms" with social ad from Lucky Generals and PR agency Tin Man

Virgin Atlantic, Lucky Generals and PR agency Tin Man have teamed up to launch an updated gender identity policy removing the requirement for colleagu

Sam Smith - Love Me More (Acoustic) (2022) music video (USA)

The music video directed by Jordan Bahat of Golden LA was shot at Capitol Records’ legendary Studio A.

Did Tampax really reach out to Dylan Mulvaney for a collaboration on TikTok?

I'll just preface all of this with the fact that I never use Tampax.

Midol - Comfort is Power (2022) 1:34 (USA)

"Every single month, without fail, we go on this rollercoaster"

Sweet Rickey Delivers Powerful Campaign “She Moves Us” For PUMA Featuring Singer Dua Lipa & An All Star Roster of Women Athletes

Featuring multi-talented PUMA ambassadors, including singer Dua Lipa and an incredible roster of female athletes, the campaign highlights overcoming
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Estée Lauder: "My favorite part about being a woman is living in full color."

Estee Lauder decided today to highlight one of the people working for them, namely a scientist "My favorite part about being a woman is living in

Believe Media Director Jake Nava Makes Glad's New ForceFlex Plus a Fashion Party Statement Piece

The campaign came out of FCB's dedicated Upstream Inclusion practice led by Marc Wilson, EVP, Executive Director of Strategic Inclusion at FCB Ch

Giggle app's billboard at University of Pennsylvania state "female spaces are necessary" for Women’s History Month.

Women's app "Giggle" has impeccable timing, as they booked a billboard at the University of Pennsylvania state for the entirety of Wome

Adidas - Impossible Is Nothing - ‘I’mPossible’ (2022) :30 (USA)

Vicky Free, head of global marketing at Adidas says that she hopes  ”to unite a strong, diverse and powerful community of women athletes who are chang

The Vagina Museum tweets about trans women on International Women's Day, say they're now harassed for it

The Vagina Museum decided to create a thread about Trans Women for #InternationalWomensDay

Panoptica Pulls Back The Curtain On Celebrities’ Favorite Films For Google TV And Cashmere

“Watch With Me” Series of Long-Form Videos, Directed by Sam Miron, Explore Passions and Inspirations of Laverne Cox, Hasan Minhaj, and Others

GAY TIMES and Grey London launched Amplifund campaign - "Incomplete Without the T" (2021) (UK)

GAY TIMES and Grey London have launched Amplifund campaign - Incomplete Without the T.

Nike - Play New - Nuevas conquistas / Mara Gómez Argentina’s first transgender football player (2021) :45 (Argentina)

Mara Gómez, Argentina’s first transgender soccer player, has teamed up with Nike for its “Play New” campaign.

Indeed - “A New Beginning” (2021) :30 (USA)

Indeed wanted to bring awareness to the importance of using proper pronouns during the job interview process in this ad called “A New Beginning.”
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Freda - Cycle / with no presumptions and no inhibitions (2021) 2:00 (UK)

"Feeling ashamed when going to buy a product" my father wasn't ashamed to pick up tampons for mom when they were vacationing in Italy i

Bhima Jewellery - Pure as love - (2021) 1:40 (India)

In India, parents buy the jewelry worn at weddings throughout their daughter's life if they don't have inherited pieces.

Pantene - Sawyer & Ashley on the power of visibility #BeautifuLGBTQ (2021) 1:55 (USA)

For LGBTQ kids, a family’s support means everything.

Pantene - #HairHasNoGender / Family Photo Recreated (2020) :60 (USA)

In this ad we get to meet a few transgender people around the world, in Sweden and the USA, who are recreating old photographs with their family membe
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Ritz crackers.- The Gathering (2020):30 (USA)

Sometimes the family is the one you create. The holidays are meant to be shared with loved ones, related or not.
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Citi – The List / Justin (2020) :60 (USA)

A couple are discussing names, "What about Austin?"

MeUndies releases "Harry Potter" underwear set, J K Rowling anti-fandom get their panties in a twist.

MeUndies joined in the fun for the spooky season by launching a collection of Harry Potter themed undie.

'Puberty is not a medical condition' billboard appears in Los Angeles

A stones throw from West Hollywood, at La Cienega and Rosewood in Los Angeles, this billboard asserts that "puberty is not a medical condition.&q

The "I ❤️ J.K. Rowling" billboard made a brief appearance in Vancouver, Canada

In the evening of September 11, a billboard in Vancouver Canada spelled out: "I ❤️ J.K. Rowling", but it has already been removed.

Netflix goes the cheap route to appease the trans cause du jour, which may cost them.

As Kidsleepy noted in an earlier article headlined Wokevertising for fun and profit, advertising has a way of jumping onto the cause du jour head firs

Diesel - Francesca / Nun (2020) 1:57 (Italy)

This is very well cinematically told, as it opens it's not clear whether Francesca is taking contraceptives or something else

Mastercard / True Name - Paying as transgender (2020) :60

I don't know why we're doing this soft-launch of "true name" Mastercard again, they did this last year in June timing it all nicel
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Reddit bans women's & feminist subs in their clean-up effort, making "Reddithateswomen" trend

Reddit banned over 2000 "hate subs" on June 29, attempting to quell "hateful and violent speech".
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Transgender activist and model Munroe Bergdorf makes peace with L’Oréal

L'Oréal Paris fired Munroe Bergdorf in 2017, then faced criticism for hypocrisy after embracing Black Lives Matter last week

United - Kayleigh's story (2020) :90 (USA)

“My life changed for the better when I came to United as a flight attendant.

Brooke Bond Red Label tea - "turns prejudice into acceptance" #swadapnepanka - (2020) :60 (India)

A tea stall owner serves hot tea to people stuck in the rain.

Otto’s story | Starbucks LGBT+ Channel 4 | Every name’s a story (2020)

“It finally feels like I’ve come to a point where I have become myself”

Nicole’s story | Starbucks LGBT+ Channel 4 | Every name’s a story (2020)

“I decided whatever I open this magazine on I’m gonna go with whatever name dominates that page”

Cairo’s story | Starbucks LGBT+ Channel 4 | Every name’s a story (2020)

“My name represents me so well because it means victorious. I’ve had many battles throughout my life not just because of my trans identity”

Starbucks won LGBT+ Channel 4 Diversity Award 2019 with "Every name’s a story" (2020) (UK)

Starbucks won the LGBT+ Channel 4 Diversity Award 2019 with "Every name’s a story". This is the extended Version running at 2:19
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Eliza’s story | Starbucks LGBT+ Channel 4 | Every name’s a story (2020)

“I chose my name from a book character I used to write and she helped me out a lot”

Pantene - "MJ" from Pomona, CA: Coming home is #BeautifuLGBTQ (2019) 2:00 (USA)

“Home has become such a different definition.
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Pantene - Paris Lees / Hair identity (2019) :60 (UK)

Paris Lees talks about having great hair days.

Pantene - The Dresscode Project / Group Film, Paris Lees

This film features Pantene UK Power Squad ambassador Paris Lees, alongside Travis Alabanza, Lea T and Angela Ponce who share their personal stories.

Sprite - Pride (2019) 1:35 (Argentina)

A mother helps her son apply makeup. A friend helps her friend put on a breast hiding binder.

Mermaids UK - "ETHAN" - short film (2019) 2:15 (UK)

A short film produced by RAW for Mermaids. Starring 18-year-old Ethan. This ad often appears on Minecraft videos on Youtube.

Pantene - The Power of Hair / Paris Lees (2019) :45 (UK)

Pantene believes that when your hair transforms, you do too... that's the power of hair.

Twitter and Wordpress banned women from their platform due to a sordid case in Canada's human rights tribunal filed by Jessica Yaniv

We reported earlier on the fact that Wordpress shut down several feminist blogs without warning, where one of the most interesting aspects of this was

Pride Parties Have No Age Limit

ROTHCO and Dublin Bus bring together the young generation of Pride supporters with the over 65s who carved out LGBTQ+ rights
McCann New York

Mastercard - True Name Card - Will this open up for biometric data linked to our credit?

Mastercard launches True Name cards to make paying with credit cards easier for trans and non-binary communities

Pantene - Don’t Hate Me Because I’m BeautifuLGBTQ+ | #BeautifuLGBTQ+ (2019)

Remember Kelly Lebrock saying "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful"?

Sephora - They / Ze / Xe - We Belong to Something Beautiful (2019) 1:40 (USA)

Sephora explains that this is their “Identify as We” campaign, which celebrates the transgender and non-binary community and "our long history in
First Shave

Gillette - First shave, for transgender son (2019) .30 (USA)

"Whenever, wherever, however it happens – your first shave is special."

Jamie Windust for HSBC tweet is deleted after pushback

On 23rd of May HSBC tweeted a clip showing Jamie Windust talking about how being too much is actually just enough.

Wordpress shuts down several feminist blogs without warning.

Wordpress hosting, wich is run by the folks at Automattic, is targeting and shutting down femnist blogs without warning.

Liverpool’s "Woman" billboard is taken down by ad company after trans activists complain

A billboard with the dictionary definition of "woman" has been 'banned'.
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"No On 3, Keep MA Safe" (2018) :30 (USA)

This ad is pretty heavy-handed on the dramatic scare-tactics, which isn't unusual when it's a 30-second political ad trying to convince you

Dollar Shave Club - I gotta be me / Get Ready (2018) 3:40 (USA)

Dollar shave club shows us how we all get ready

Pantene - ‘See beauty, not gender’ (2018) 2:18 (Thailand)

ความในใจของปอย ตรีชฏา

Sunsilk 'Hair Talk' / Rock Kwanlada (2018) 4:33 (Thailand)

Get the kleenex, it's a Thai ad and we're going to get misty-eyed!

Pantene - #StrongerNow / Kevin Balot (2018) :30 (Philippines)

Kevin Roxas Balot was born on 1991 in Matatalaib, Philippines.
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Coca Cola - The Wonder of us (2018) :60 (USA)

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L'Oreal UK's hijab-wearing model Amena steps down and apologises after discovery of anti-semitic tweets.

L’Oreal UK’s latest advert features "influencer" star Amena, along with other women across the UK.

Europride - The Voice of Change (2018)1:25 - Sweden

The Voice of Change is an innovative radio spot recorded over seven months.
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Transgender former L’Oréal model Munroe Bergdorf defends "all white people are racist" comments

Model Munroe Bergdorf was part of a recent campaign created by L’Oréal that champions diversity, but after posting "all white people are racist&q
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Blush Lingerie - For every woman. We mean every. - OOH Germany 2017

"For every woman. We mean every." reads the Blush lingerie billboard featuring a bearded man in silky secrets.


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