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MINDCRAFT - A game-based dyslexia assessment in disguise

A game-based dyslexia assessment in disguise designed for young people Using Minecraft to transform the learning experience

Bringing A Historic Baseball Team Back To Life - the Chatham Coloured All-Stars as video game.

OLG partners with MLB to immortalize the 1930s Chatham Coloured All-Stars through a popular video game and a powerful film created by The Hive

Life is a Epic Quest Chain with Verizon and Xbox All Access

Edited by Cut+Run's Lucas Eskin and directed by Furlined’s Ted Pauly with motion graphics by Jogger, the spot reveals a realm of curiosities and

Riot Games League of Legends K/DA "VILLAIN" music video (2022) - (USA)

League of Legends - K/DA "VILLAIN"

Destiny 2 - The Witch Queen - Launch Trailer (2022) 2:20 (USA)

Savathûn has infiltrated the vanguard, stolen the most sacred resource, and gifted her soldiers with the powers of the Light.

NFL / Bring Down The House (2022) (USA)

NFL Super Bowl LVI Commercial __ Bring Down The House

This grocery gaming controller for No Frills Aisles of Glory is bananas. Literally.

From the discount grocery store that brought you the grocery shopping video game no one asked for, comes the grocery gaming controller no one asked fo

Verizon 5G - "The Reset" (2021) 2:00 (USA)

Don’t let lag make things weird. Reach the next level with 5G Built for Gamers.
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Verizon, “Can’t Blame the Lag” (2021) :60 (USA)

Samuel L. Jackson is a CGI-character.

The Royal Canadian Legion Assembles Team of WW2 Veterans to Stand Shoulder to Shoulder on the Virtual Battlefield

Last year, the Royal Canadian Legion, in partnership with HomeEquity Bank and Zulu Alpha kilo, brought the Remembrance Day moment of silence to video

Activision / Call of Duty “What if the Cold War ended differently?” print

During the Cold War, a Soviet invasion of the Nordic countries was never far away.

The community launches "Gamer Therapy"

Traditional gaming stereotypes have become outdated.

Crash Bandicoot 4: "It's about time--New Drop" (2020) :30 (USA)

Crash is back with a whole new drop.

Fornite & Epic games launch "Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite" protest ad #FREEFORTNITE

Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc - legal docs available here - because they don't want to be limited to the App Store for payment

Deutsche Telekom “Billie Eilish x Telekom: What We Do Next” (2020) 2:00 (Germany)

I am clearly not the target market, as this is so obviously made for, and stars, teenagers

Warren Fu Directs Animated 8-Chapter Epic for The Strokes’ “Ode to the Mets”

Feeling more like an art installation or visual poem than a music video, Warren Fu of Partizan directs an animated epic for The Strokes’ “Ode to the M
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Bud Light - #PostyStore (2020) :60 (USA)

Grammy-nominated Bud Light fan, Post Malone is confused because he just found Bud Light SELTZER

Mermaids UK - "ETHAN" - short film (2019) 2:15 (UK)

A short film produced by RAW for Mermaids. Starring 18-year-old Ethan. This ad often appears on Minecraft videos on Youtube.

Telenor - "That's not real" / Telenor takes a stand for screen-time (2019) :60 (Sweden)

Swedish Telco Telenor takes a stand for screen-time There’s plenty of prejudice surrounding the screen time we spend each day.

Brisk "Multiverse" (2019) :30 (Canada)

“People who drink Brisk are bold and when you’re bold you don’t say no, you buckle up and go for it,” says Allan Topol, creative director, DDB Canada

A video game for a grocery stores and the haulers within - "Aisles of Glory"

Last year No Frills rebranded their customers as “Haulers”, shoppers who get a lot for a lot less.

Microsoft - We All Win - extended cut (2019) 2m (USA)

This is the extended cut version.

Skyrim: Very Special Edition / Keegan-Michael Key & Alexa (2018) 2:00 (USA)

Alexa! Fus Ro DAH!

State of Decay 2: Found Footage of Coach (2018) (USA)

“How Will You Survive” in a Post-Apocalyptic World of Zombies?

State of Decay 2: Medical Log of Nurse (2018) (USA)

“How Will You Survive” in a Post-Apocalyptic World of Zombies?

World of Tanks "The car park" (2018) :30 (France)

World of Tanks "The Gas Station" (2018) :30 (France)

Destiny 2 "Rally the troops" (2017) 1:56 (USA)

Destiny is back. And with it, Nathan Fillion too.

Bud Light – Real Life PacMan #UpForWhatever - (2015) :90 (USA)

Continuing their idea from 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII, the Bud Light Super Bowl XLIX Commercial engages a man in a game of Real Life PacMan, hashtags it #
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Kia Forte "Techathlete Games" (2013) :30 (USA)

Take your chance and play five games in Kia Forte's Techathlete Games Simply go to Facebook and try out the app.

DTS & Ignited @ E3 - Plug In Tees - Ignited for DTS “Break Your Sound Barriers” to highlight Headphone: X

DTS & Ignited @ E3 - Plug In Tees at e3 shows off Ignited for DTS “Break Your Sound Barriers” to highlight Headphone: X

Fanta - Official sponsor of Fantasy / Princess sandcastle - (2013) Germany

Fanta Germany want to be known as the "Official sponsor of FANTAsy" ... with that FANTA-capped spelling

Adidas - Swipe shot / Window display smartphone game - (2013)

The Viral Company Stockholm made a little game for Adidas, and a super long case study film for it.

Dishonored - Chapter one "The awakening" - (2013)

For the highly anticipated multi-platform title Dishonored, Psyop and ROKKAN created an engrossing prequel series for Bethesda Softworks and Arkane St

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - the uncensored trailer - (2013) :90 (USA)

How much wood would a gamer cut if game could cut wood metal, robots, anything at all? Wow, the swears!

Call of Duty Revolution. (2013) 2:25 (USA)

Created and produced by The Ant Farm, the trailer is the latest release in the energetic multimedia campaign for Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Heat: EA Need for Speed - Standoff (2012) :30 (USA)

Creative agency Heat recently crafted a hot spot for EA’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

PlayStation Vita - Assassin's Creed III Liberation - (2012) :30 (USA)

The J-train. I ride it every day. Nobody talks. What this train needs.. is an assassin.

Toyota GT86 - The Real Deal - (2012)

Digital Domain, a subsidiary of Digital Domain Media Group created an oppressive computer generated (CG) world to showcase Toyota’s new GT86 in a new

GameSpot - "Going to Gamestock" - Security - (2012) :30 (USA)

A heavily armed warrior trying to slip through a festival security checkpoint. This is a different kind of festival.

New game - Frisbee Rush

Frisbee Rush - a mobile controlled browser game.

E3 2012 game trailer - “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance” (2012) (USA)

Ignited was tasked with creating a dynamic show to present the innovation and digital entertainment emerging from Konami in order to showcase their up

NEW EA Mass Effect 3 | Draftfcb Dir by Reynald Gresset of Caviar

Electronic Arts, Mass Effect 3 Dratfcb, San Franciso "Fight"

Call Of Duty | 72andSunny | Dir. Ruben Fleischer for Caviar

Activision's Call of Duty continues their hot streak with the new campaign by 72andSunny for the game's Elite downloadable content subscript
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Duke Nukem Forever ad banned from TV (pre 11 pm)

Hold up! Duke Nukem forever ad has been banned from pre-11pm TV. Why?

Duke Nukem Forever - Official game trailer

Let me explain. First there was 1996 game Duke Nukem 3D, then we waited forever for another Duke Nukem. The game has been in development since 1997!

Honda Civic - To Each Their Own "Ninja" - (2011) :30 (USA)

Ninjas cartwheel into cars. So there. They also have time to stop running in the chase for a bit to play some computer games. Because Ninja!

Angry Birds & the Mighty Eagle

Angry Birds has an update with the extra fun silver bullet which clears all levels. The mighty eagle.

Activision/Modern Warfare 2 - Mapathy (2010) 1:55 (USA)

From our friends at TBWA\Chiat\Day on their new work for Activision: "After the release of a videogame it’s common to release new levels, or “map

EA Dantes Inferno easter egg: Demons in the source code

These demons appeared if you viewed the source code of popular sites that gamers read - actually running as hidden ads in IGN, Daily Motion, Games Rad

Ubisoft Assassins Creed 2 - The Bell tolls

Cutwater, San Francisco have created this campaign to launch Assassins Creed 2 - the spread “Hands w/ blades”, the spread “Rip your head off” and this

UbISOFT Assassins Creed 2 - Eyes extended - (2009) :60 (USA)

The extended version of "eyes" where you see all the different characters available before it switches into game mode and shows off the worl
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UbISOFT Assassins Creed 2 - Eyes Soldier - (2009) :15 (USA)

Stare deep into the soldiers eyes.

UBISOFT Assassins Creed 2 - Eyes Merchant - (2009) :15 (USA)

Stare deep into the merchants eyes.

Sony Slim Playstation 3 - The Playfaces - (2009) :30 (Japan)

See also Playface 60 (Variant) and the Badland post Playstation "Gamefaces" not really a new idea.

The Beatles: Rock Band - Come Together / Abby Road (2009) :30 (USA)

It's the Beatles. It's Rock Band. What else do you need to know? By RDA Integrated for MTV Games
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Rymdreglage - "8-bit trip" video in lego - (2009) 3:50 (Sweden)

Proof that hard work pays off, or at least gains you cred from all lego&gamergeeks everywhere in the world is the 8-bit trip video animated in Leg

Slim PlayStation3 - PlayFace - (2009) :60 (Japan)

Alongside this commercial (which is a few baked into one) there's also Playface.jp with lots more images of people putting on their best "O-

Take2 Game - Spec Ops - (2009) :90 (USA)

Paragraph type: Text & HTML This is a recreated node. We were asked to remove it (not just once, but several times, backed by at least one

Brains! Zombie must eat Brains! Resident Evil shirt turn you into monster.

Oh hello, KYOOT idea Deezie's Blog shows off new Resident Evil shirts, that double as brain-eating Zombie halloween masks.
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Volkswagen Polo - GPS / The Walker - (2008) :30 (Belgium)

Patrick Otten : DoP Stijn De Coninck : Editor Peter Aerts : Creative Director

Atari - Since 1972 - press ads.

Atari - Godzilla Unleashed (2007) :30 (USA)

Hummer - Video Game (2007) );30 (USA)

Bungie / Xbox 360 - Halo 3 - Believe - short (2007) :30 (USA)

video game

SEGA Rally Revo - Tonya & Donya "Starting line" - (2007) :60 (USA)

Written and Directed by Clay Weiner, the one minute live-action shorts showcase the pitfalls of Tonya & Donya

Sega - Virtua Fighter 5 - short (2007) :15 (USA)

Sega - Virtua Fighter 5 (2007) :30 (USA)

Honda - Video Game (2006) :30 (USA)

Nokia N Series - Battle of Music (2007) 1:15 (Sweden)

Ubisoft - And 1: Streetball - 2 (2006) :30 (USA)

National Lottery / Camelot - Bag of Smiles / What would you do (2006) :30 (UK)

A man wakes up and finds a bag of smiles.

Sega - Sonic Riders (2006) :30 (USA)

Sega - Shadow the Hedgehog - short (2005) :15 (USA)

Sega - Shadow the Hedgehog (2005) :30 (USA)


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